My Life on Craigslist

My Life on Craigslist FINALIST OF USA BEST BOOK AWARDS Craigslist can be a real sharkfest But it s a mirror of who we are Alexandra Ares takes these two statements to a darkly funny place in this page turner satire of toda

  • Title: My Life on Craigslist
  • Author: Alexandra Ares
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FINALIST OF USA BEST BOOK AWARDS Craigslist can be a real sharkfest But it s a mirror of who we are Alexandra Ares takes these two statements to a darkly funny place in this page turner satire of today s wildest s brazenly unleashed on America s largest free online dating website A zany New York girl trolls it for fun, love, sex, relationships and everything else,FINALIST OF USA BEST BOOK AWARDS Craigslist can be a real sharkfest But it s a mirror of who we are Alexandra Ares takes these two statements to a darkly funny place in this page turner satire of today s wildest s brazenly unleashed on America s largest free online dating website A zany New York girl trolls it for fun, love, sex, relationships and everything else, doomed to run from trouble to trouble But she has a special talentMeet Emily Thompson, 25, quirky, wholesome, with a keen eye for contemporary art One year after she moves from Buffalo to the trendy East Village, where she lands a job in an art gallery and an artist boyfriend, her life is turned upside down when she loses everything Alone, broke and discouraged, she turns to Craigslist to find for free everything she needs for both fun and survival She soon discovers a wild, flawed world where everyone is either the con or the conned, and decency has flown the laptop, the desktop, and the smartphone A roommate who is rarely home, turns out to be an escort, which makes Emily get on her high moral horse, but later, when Emily herself is forced by circumstance to become an escort for a day, things spiral out of controlWith her deadpan wit and trademark unconventional insight, Alexandra Ares delivers a fast paced, rakishly entertaining and ingeniously plotted novel that confirms her status as one of the hottest new writers around.

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      In 2011 and 2012 Alexandra Ares came out with three novels and won 3 important indie awards, establishing herself as a highly original new American author Like Ayn Rand in literature or Craig Ferguson in late night comedy, two of her idols, Romanian born Alexandra Ares creates her own rules it s the immigrant experience.Alexandra Ares is a member of Pen American Center, Dramatist Guild of America and Union of Romanian Writers USR Novelist, playwright, screenwriter, television host, documentary maker and cultural critic with a Ph.D in American Dramatic Literature, Ares is a fierce, original, creative spirit worth keeping an eye on She was featured in Elle, Time Out, Cosmopolitan, and many radio and TV shows She lives in Manhattan, NY But let s start with the beginning Alexandra Ares was born in Bucharest, where her father was an eccentric comedy playwright and her mother a charismatic French teacher When she first first saw her Dad speaking to himself and laughing while driving his car, most likely saying the lines of whatever comedy he was then writing, Alexandra knew that her father was different.After the fall of communism, her formerly drab life changed completely, as she was admitted on top of the list at the leading University of Drama and Film in Bucharest, the hardest to get into in the entire country In her second year of college she started working for television, producing and directing her first documentary of 90 minutes at the tender age of 22, and her TV series about theater by the time she graduated from college During that time she travelled extensively across Europe covering the arts.However, she left that safe, charmed life, and changed her destiny completely for the second time, when she moved to New York after an experimental eye surgery in 1998 With black post surgical sunglasses, no friends and no money in her pocket, she took a series of odd jobs and experienced the hardships and adventures of being a first generation immigrant, which later inspired her writing.Her debut novel was DREAM JUNKIES published for the first time in Romania in 2008, where it was an unexpected best seller, is Finalist of the Book of the Year Award in Romance category ForeWord Reviews Her second novel, MY LIFE ON CRAIGSLIST, is Finalist of the Best Books Award for Women Fiction in 2011, and THE OTHER GIRL, Winner of the Best Indie Novella Award in 2012.Her heroes are vibrant, single, immigrant New York women and men, at different ages and stages of their lives in the city with a keen sense of humor, unusual points of view, who are daring, sensitive, and insightful, at crossroads of sorts, living interesting lives.Before her launch as a novelist, Alexandra Ares was known as a quirky columnist of her own literary magazine, Manhattan Chronicles, where she published provocative, witty essays about relationships shifts at the dawn of the 21st century.Alexandra thanks you for taking your time to check out her books on She appreciates critiques from people who read the entire book, and she thanks you for NOT reviewing her books after skimming only the first page.


    1. After reading a bunch of highly praised books that I couldn't finish, I really enjoyed this one. Lots of laugh out loud moments and riveting characters, touching, romantic, and compulsively readable, MY LIFE ON CRAIGSLIST has a cool blend of sex, romance, angst, satire, and food for thought. I highly recommend it. Not indicated for teens, though. On a scale of 1 to 5, I wanted to give it five stars for the level of enjoyment, but I reserve 5 stars for dramas, not for romantic comedy, even when i [...]

    2. You can read this and other reviews at MadisonsaysAs soon as I read the following passage I knew this was the book for me: “Yesterday I worked out and I even ate steamed veggies but couldn’t say no to wine and four cookies around 7p.m. What lethal difference four sweet cookies can make in the grand scheme of things.”Have you ever watched Seinfeld? My grandpa used to say it was a show about everything and nothing. My Life on Craigslist reminds me of that show. We all know Seinfeld was a hug [...]

    3. I am mixed on this book. I absolutely HATED the protagonist - she's spoiled, lazy, completely an unlikable character but I kept reading. It was a "What in the world is this dummy going to do next?" type of thing. It obviously was written well enough that I didn't bail out, but when I got to the end (which I saw coming a mile away, honestly) I just felt "Meh."

    4. Emily pierde job-ul,e deprimată şi nu ştie exact ce vrea, mai ales după pierderea prietenului ei Toby ce a lăsat-o pt o maseuză. Vrea să-şi poată plăti chiria şi să se bucure de intimitate, în acelaşi timp dar e misiune imposibilă fără job. În Manhattan, majoritatea nu pot trăi „pe cont propriu“ – chiar dintre cei care lucreazăo viaţă oribilă: trăim doar ca să plătim chiria sau ipoteca, apoi murim.Ea consideră internetul ca o "fereastră spre lume", deci intră p [...]

    5. I read the book in one sitting, although I am still new to reading e-books, and I would have preferred to read it as a paperback. The book is witty and draws you in, grips you, moves you, amuses you, and leaves you hoping and smiling. This is the story of Emily, a starry eyed young girl’s life education and mis-education in New York through Craigslist. Everyone who tried the internet dating will enjoy and relate to this book. Ares is a very exciting new author, and this is my first introductio [...]

    6. My Life on Craigslist / 9781450746045I'm not usually much for "chick lit" like "Bridget Jones's Diary", but I picked up this indie author book because I liked the first chapter and the premise sounded cute: protagonist Emily is trying to find her dreams in the big city, and her preferred search method for jobs, dates, and roommates is the online ad-posting site, Craigslist.The premise is fun, but the execution is sometimes a little heavy-handed. Almost everyone Emily meets uses Craigslist extens [...]

    7. amazon/author/sergiupobereznicI opened the 'free sample' of this book on my Kindle, began reading, and a few moments later I found myself purchasing the whole thing. Talk about value for money. This book was very amusing and eminently readable if you enjoy dark satire that moves at a swift, page turning pace. It was both fun and funny; it read a little like a movie script, (dare I say, Woody Allen meets Bridget Jones' diary) – and I absolutely LOVE Woody Allen and I recall Bridget Jones with f [...]

    8. This was a cute, lighthearted book that delves into the life of a craigslist addict, and how craigslist got her through her life so far Someone who does everything from looking for places to find entertainment for the night, to dates, to selling and buying things. She even decided to become a escort for a brief, and I do mean brief, time. The story was well thought out and pretty realistic when it comes to life struggles, from finding a roommate, to the perfect man. It gets a little unbelievable [...]

    9. Emily is living the life that so many 20-somethings are living right now. DC is a very different city than NYC but a lot of my friends are still going through the same thing here. Do you stay here and try to make it or do you go back home to your family's house to re-group? It's a decision that a lot of people have to make. Emily tries to make the best of her current situation with mixed results. Through Craigslist, she finds a roommate who doubles as a escort/prostitute. She finds a slew of guy [...]

    10. I was intrigued by the description, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did.I was never like the main character, Emily, so it's interesting to read about her aimless life. She lives on Craigslist - finding men, finding roommates, finding work, finding social activities. Her life is empty and lonely, and she tries to fill it through online means. She certainly gets herself into some interesting situations. I found the story to be creative. I liked Emily and was rooting for her to grow up and succeed. [...]

    11. I've read this book's Romanian translation as my first chick lit experience. I started reading it around 8 or 9 pm and wasn't able to turn off the lights until I finished it. I enjoyed the humor, the style, the plot that all kept me alert and curious about the ending. In short: one day, Emily, a young woman in her twenties, very gifted with visual arts (especially paintings which she can tell valuable form crap at a glance) founds herself out of job and out ofyfriend. Situation that prompts her [...]

    12. I must confess that this book took me by surprise! I expected it to be something like Sex and the City or The Devil Wears Prada or similar, but noooo, it was so much more different. And this was exactly what made me like it so much. It presented a piece of life, of REAL life, not just that illusion in which we all want to live and believe. It had some serious things in it, some situations which could have seriously endangered Emily's life, but I was glad that she managed to get past it all. I co [...]

    13. I started well but ended poorly. I loved her interaction with the internet. Her interpretations of internet characters before even meeting them. Her way of life that can only be lived by the young. The last part of the book goes horribly wrong. Did the author give up? Why I disliked the ending so much belowJOR SPOILER ALERT!:She finally gets offered a great job but then she comes into a little over a million dollars so passes it up. She meets a great guy who just so happens to be the neighbor ac [...]

    14. I had my tablet open on right on "look inside the book" and I couldn't stop re-reading the intro pagesI smiled right away and the smile stayed there throughout the rest of the pages I could read! I even laughed out loud!You know what that beginning reads like? A good comedy channel monologue! It was like reading Sarah Silverman or CK Louis, you were amazing!Can you write a sequel? Do it now! Seriously!Try to beat that! that is your voice, or at least, that is a voice "we, the people" need to he [...]

    15. It's an interesting read, but the character seemed tooflat. Boring. Old fashioned concepts of dating etiquette and other quirks of her character reminded me of 90's dating and life rather than modern, and left me with a permanent impression this book was dated back then, except for anachronisms like netbooks and references to Obama confusing me again. Basically, the author didn't seem to understand women in their twenties living in the modern day. Also, the level of intrigue she had the characte [...]

    16. The grim and harsh reality of New York City is brought to life in this book. The author accurately depicts the truth about how lonely you can become in a crowded city. The characters and their quirks feel authentic. I only wish Emily's emotions were shown through her actions rather than told to the audience as if in a diary - the writing needed more "show, don't tell". The most exciting scenes, some of them beyond belief, felt rushed. For a story that involves tabloids and paparazzi, the author [...]

    17. It kind of makes me want to check out craigslist but then again, I'm not a 'one night stand' kind of girl. It also opened my eyes on how bad could have bad dads can be. Why not find a different way to meet people? It made me sad and mad that she went through all of that but again, she did it to herself. Even after everything - she still used the site. She could have been happy and in love the whole time if she only read Chris's email ahead of time.

    18. Picked this up either for free or very inexpensive for Kindle. Sounded like good, lighthearted reading. It was. Not a book that's going to change your life or make you think a lot, but I ended up caring for the main character and wanting to know what happens to her. Enjoyable book for a beach read.

    19. An entertaining read Not really my genre but I loved it anyway, although it was not as hilarious as Bridget Jones' Diary (which I sort of expected).An Interview with the Author: Seaside Book Nook: seasidebooknook/2013/0

    20. Good readGood quick read and kept me interested. I wish we heard some more from some of the secondary characters. Also I would have liked to have the story delve a little deeper into her escort ending. All together definitely worth the read though.

    21. FunFunenjoyed reading It was quirky in a way that kept me turning the page and rooting for the heroine she tells it in first person and I very much enjoyed the read

    22. I really enjoyed Emily aka Lace through this great little book. I caught myself laughing out loud! The book really gave you a great in site to Craigslist. What an enjoyable read, I highly recommend it.

    23. I found it very clever and entertaining. I read it in one seating, and it was quite a ride. Very funny, but also a little sadI highly recommend it. For people who like books a little different, not cookie cutter style. A lot of fun.

    24. Castigatoarea categoriei "Cea mai proasta carte citita anul acesta"! Si fiindca e castigatoare absoluta, subliniez ca nu mi-a placut nimic.

    25. Just ugh. There is a grammar error within the first three lines of the book. I gave it a page before the voice annoyed me so much I had to quit.

    26. My life on Craig's listit was a simple read and a little like a Janet Evanavic book most a little stupid, I would not recommend it

    27. engaging quick read semi predictable storylines hope to read more by this author loved the Bon Jovi "moments" I almost wished the drummer was him :)

    28. I really should learn to not judge a book by its cover. This book is best described as "sex in the city" with no friends and jobless.

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