Free Fall: A Prelude to Hidden Order

Free Fall A Prelude to Hidden Order Free Scot Harvath parachutes onto supertanker Sienna Star taken over by Somali pirates skinners to rescue hostages

  • Title: Free Fall: A Prelude to Hidden Order
  • Author: Brad Thor
  • ISBN: 9781476756363
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • Free Scot Harvath parachutes onto supertanker Sienna Star taken over by Somali pirates skinners to rescue hostages.

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      184 Brad Thor
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited Ï Free Fall: A Prelude to Hidden Order : by Brad Thor ✓
      Posted by:Brad Thor
      Published :2019-02-05T08:43:26+00:00

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    1. booksmonandschuster/Fre# Scot Harvath parachutes onto supertanker Sienna Star taken over by Somali pirates "skinners". Momentum slows for slang and background - "sit rep" for situation report really needs definition? The company of Reed Carlton, former CIA anti-terrorist expert, needs this contract. Better back to action. First man down injured, sneak-by, slug-fast, shoot-down. If the captain needs to be rescued, this is one scary mission.

    2. Not a free book!Free Fall is a single chapter from another book you have to buy it's basically a ripoff if you think you're getting a complete book free. I buy many Kindle books but not this one.

    3. Very good teaser for Hidden Order, which is supposed to come out on July 9, 2013. I have read all Brad Thor's books, and have enjoyed them all.

    4. Brad Thor is a jerk! A fast and intense short 20 page story that ends with a cliffhanger from hell.Now I have to get Hidden Order to find out what happens next.

    5. Very short - just enough to whet the appetite of this fan of spy thrillersd it worked! Can't wait till Hidden Order comes out!

    6. An interesting concept to write a short prequel to a novel and then offer it for free. I was planning on reading the book itself, so this short was a good introduction.

    7. The book had action and suspense but a bit too much killing for me. I realize this is a prelude to a book and the author needed to hook the reader but it's too much for me.

    8. Great read it left me wanting more. Well written and engaging this action packed short is top notch. Can't wait to start the next one.

    9. I was disappointed in this book. I realize that it was a prequel, but I was expecting a full book. It just suddenly ended and gave a preview of Hidden Order. Now that I am reading that, it feels like Brad submitted Hidden Order and was told to add the prequel to set up more of the story.I love Brad's writing, but was disappointed in this.

    10. This short story is book number 11.5 in the Scott Harvath series by Brad Thor (3 stars). This is essentially a lead-in to book 12 in this series "Hidden Order" and serves no other purpose but to provide an explanation for why Harvath is tracking a certain group of terrorists. In this story Harvath is tasked with recovering an oil tanker that has been hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. The only hitch in Harvath's plans is that the ship's captain has been moved to a village on shore and [...]

    11. I enjoy Brad's description and situational awareness. His narrative embeds you with the team and is a nice distraction at the end of the day. It is straight forward and current material making special ops that much more real in a time when youtube and sound bites dominate the media with such short tidbits that the complexity behind the scenes is lost.I would like more descriptiveness in the action scenes. I know that some fans will be shocked with that statement, but in an opening assault an ene [...]

    12. A great teaser for Thor's next full-length novel! Action-packed and full of Horvath drama, even in a brief dozen pages. While it could not act as a stand-alone, it sets the stage for what could be an explosive tale in the coming weeks, with a focus (to this point) on Somali pirates. Still, Thor is not one to keep the reader sated with only one storyline, which only adds to the wonder of what is yet to come. Using the usual covert scenario, Thor reminds us why Scot Horvath and the entire team are [...]

    13. Awesome teaser to Thor's next title 'Hidden Order' that includes the first three chapters of that book. So, it has the hidden advantage that when you start to read Hidden Order, you can start right off at Chapter 4, since you already read the first three chapters here in 'Free Fall'. If 'Free Fall' is any indication, 'Hidden Order' promises to be another Scot Harvath pulse pounder that you can't put down. Brad Thor is currently the premier political intrigue thriller writer in the nation, bar no [...]

    14. There is no good way to describe this prelude. I am not writer and therefor can't express myself adequately. I can say the prelude is something to 'wet your whistle'. As always with any of Brad Thor's books, you dive head in first into the action and you can't stop to read until the book is done. Then you are upset that you read the book so fast and that you have to wait a long time for the next mission or adventure. This book is a prelude to "Hidden Order" and i know that it is just as good as [...]

    15. : I've never read anything by Brad Thor before but when I saw this listed for free in iBooks , I decided to give it a chance. I can now say that while he is a masterful writer, who grasps tension expertly, and gives his characters just enough humanity, he is not my piece of cake. Despite not being my thing, this short story was packed with action, danger, and some really great edge-of-your-seat tension.

    16. It's a fine story and an excellent lead in to Brad Thor's Hidden Order. I have to assume it will be concluded in the next book as it has an open ended ending. This is the first stand alone prelude by Brad and I believe it is very well done. I wonder if this is a trend with Brad and other authors? Seeing as how Brad writes a book a year maybe a "short story" at the six month mark is a way to keep hungry readers connected. Hope so, I like it!

    17. Hidden Order is an exceptional read.I found my first Brad Thor book quite by accident. I was looking through titles and reading the occasional synopsis when I found Act Of War. Immediately I knew I wanted to read this book. I began talking to a couple of friends about this great new author I had found. Needless to say,my friends and I are now die-hard Brad Thor fans. I have read all his books and now await the publication of the next.

    18. Two things. I liked it for the idea of writing a sort of 'prequel' of a novel you're selling that you can give away to draw in readers of the full novel. Something I'd like to try. But the second thing is, it better be good or you'll lose the reader. It wasn't and I didn't buy in. All the right elements were there, modern day piracy, adventure but in my opinion the writing was not very well executed.

    19. Short, exciting, and very well done. It succeeds at exactly what the author and publisher intended for it to, increasing awareness of Hidden Order. As for that, be aware this prelude ends on a bit of a cliffhanger

    20. Short 35 minute prequel to the main bout, "Hidden Order", which I will be diving into shortly. This preview describes the infiltration of our hero Scot Harvath and his team onto a pirated ocean tanker at night, in heavy seas, by moonlight. Even this quick take is exciting and gives a good glimpse into the action to come.

    21. Set up for book - Hidden Order - Harvath is rescuing the crew of a ship off the coast of Somalia who where hijacked. they are ready to go from securing the ship to now rescue the captain who was taken into port and held to ensure no one would try to rescue on the ship and not get the captain who would be killed if anyone tried it!! We will see??

    22. This was a sample/preview/teaser for the book Hidden Order as the title suggests. I had not read Thor before so thought this would be an easy way to try one out. I can see why he is recommended. The story moved quickly but also had multiple layers. The characters are also easy to learn but also easy to tell apart. When I have time, I'll have to keep a Thor book in mind for future reading.

    23. I got this for free from on the Kindled was pleasantly surprised. I've never read anything from Brad Thor, but really enjoyed the characters and the writing. Judging by other reviews, it sounds like his actual books are written even better. Added "Hidden Order" to my 'to-read' shelf.

    24. Thor is undoubtedly my favorite current novelist. Each story is fresh out of today's headlines, filled with action and intrigue, mixed with state of the art techno weaponry info. They are also upbeat and patriotic. Who doesn't love an "all-American hero" like Scott Harvath?

    25. This was a very short peek, to whet the appetite of readers to continue into the book Hidden Order. It definitely did that, and I plan to get a copy of Hidden Order tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing if the full book is as interesting as the prelude.

    26. This is supposed to be a teaser for Thor's upcoming book, Hidden Order. We have our main character, Scot, sneaking on board a boat taken over by Somalian pirates with a 4-man team. Ending leaves us hanging

    27. I know this is a prelude, but it's just too short, and lacks enough substance to qualify for any higher rating. I like Brad Thor and have read and enjoyed all of the Harvath books, but this is a waste.

    28. A nice short story with some good action and classic Scot Harvath moments. The book gets docked a star for having no text to speech on the kindle version. It is a free book so why disable this feature? Why disable this feature in any book period??????????

    29. There is no reason this shouldn't have been included in Hidden Order. With that said, it's actually not badly written. The story was OK, but characterization was severely lacking, as is typical in Thor novels over the past four or five years.This novel isn't required to read Hidden Order.

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