What's in a Name?

What s in a Name Barista Jimmy Patterson thinks it s a good idea to get rip roaring drunk on his birthday after he s dumped by his boyfriend When the burly owner of Stonewall s Saloon rescues Jimmy the night starts t

  • Title: What's in a Name?
  • Author: Pat Henshaw
  • ISBN: 9781632163998
  • Page: 476
  • Format: ebook
  • Barista Jimmy Patterson thinks it s a good idea to get rip roaring drunk on his birthday after he s dumped by his boyfriend When the burly owner of Stonewall s Saloon rescues Jimmy, the night starts to look up.Now Jimmy just wants to know the bartender s first name since he s worn a different name tag every time Jimmy s seen him Guy Stone gives Jimmy seven guesses, oneBarista Jimmy Patterson thinks it s a good idea to get rip roaring drunk on his birthday after he s dumped by his boyfriend When the burly owner of Stonewall s Saloon rescues Jimmy, the night starts to look up.Now Jimmy just wants to know the bartender s first name since he s worn a different name tag every time Jimmy s seen him Guy Stone gives Jimmy seven guesses, one for each night he takes Jimmy out on a date.While Jimmy s trying to come up with his name, he s distracted by the destruction of his coffee shop and what looks and like a hate crime.

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    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I really dislike trashing new authors right out of the gate, but this book was like a manual of How Not to Write Your First M/M Romance Novel:1. Do not have your MCs fall in love and become boyfriends within one week. 2. Go beyond stereotypes. The big bear daddy doesn't need to ride a bike AND own a bar. The twink doesn't need to cower behind said bear daddy at every interaction. 3. The ex can be a bad guy, but he does not need to be a psychopath. 4. If y [...]

    2. A Barista walks into a barI have to admit I thought this one sounded interesting. The premise was cute. It's Jimmy's birthday and he decides to get drunk, his boyfriend decides to get laidjust maybe not by Jimmy. The bartender whose been watching Jimmy for a while now decides it's time to make his move since said boyfriend has left the bar with someone else. Jimmy wants to know the bartender's name, bartender then decides to make this a challenge because he wants to spend more time with Jimmy. A [...]

    3. It actually had nothing to hold my interest. No cohesive plot, no character development, no romantic buildup, no humor, no chemistry, no sex. None. Not even descriptive cuddling. Nothing.So what was the point? I guess the point was to meander aimlessly and stumble upon a few stereotypes along the way. The "bear" owns a bar and rides a motorcycle, the twink cowers and simpers and is pathetic and weak and oh yeah, is a coffee snob. The best friend is spunky and cute and adorable, but also a fierce [...]

    4. 2.5 starsFull review can be found at -I tried to summarize this for , but couldn't do it. While the story isn't horrible, it is extremely unrealistic and full of clichés that got tiring after awhile. While not full-on insta-love (Jimmy and Guy had become friends over a period of months at a bar Guy owns), the relationship happens entirely too quickly in my opinion. It went from Jimmy being dumped by Alex to him practically living with Guy in a span of 24 hours. There's also a thing in regards t [...]

    5. There are seeds of a good book in here. I didn't not enjoy it but the plot took the easy way out too many times and several ideas were undeveloped.Here is what I liked: The setting in the foothills of the Sierra's during the migration out of the Bay Area for a portion of the queer community. The heroes are kind. I like that even though this romance is super fast, they have really been falling in love for months. I like the friends and businesses. The wish fulfillment of dating and courting is a [...]

    6. What can i say i think this is one of the worst books i have ever read. The main characters have no chemistry and aren't really developed, this story is very shallow. There are to many secondary characters and secondary plots for such a short story. We do get the name of "guy" at the end of the book and let met tell you it is ridiculous.I just hope Dreamspinner will be screening their authors/books better next time. because this book wasn't worth the money i paid and i'm really mad about it. I´ [...]

    7. Total clean fluff. Not really good fluff. No humor. No sex. No real story. The vilans are goofy and there is a 'murder of wives' that come to the aid of the gays. I'm not sure that's good, bad or what really. Not insta love but then again it was insta love, sorta. It ( install love ) was commented on at the end but because there is no back story beyond the first 5-10 pages.n't work.I did not see any editing issues. There that's something positive.

    8. Jimmy is having a terrible birthday! His boyfriend was supposed to take him on a romantic date in San Francisco and instead picks up a stranger and ditches Jimmy at the bar, alone. Jimmy drowns his sorrow in beer but luckily the bartender, Alex2/Guy/Stone is there to help when it gets messy.“Stone” aka Guy, aka Alex2 has been keeping an eye on Jimmy for awhile and swoops in to help when Jimmy’s worthless boyfriend ditches him at the bar. Stone won’t tell Jimmy (or anyone) his real name b [...]

    9. “What’s in a Name” is a funny, sweet story that put me in a really buoyant frame of mind, which I needed at the time. It is sweet, funny, and although I knew what Stone’s first name was before I got to the end, there were a few surprises there too. I loved the fact that Jimmy had worked hard to get where he was as a business owner but was obviously a bit clueless when it came to picking men, and Stone’s strong personality was a great foil for his can-do attitude.I don’t know if I cou [...]

    10. 4.5 star review by DanPat Henshaw has delivered a wonderful tease! I so want more, more, more! I absolutely loved this short book and can’t wait for more of the story. Ms. Henshaw, you will crush me if you tell me there isn’t more coming….d soon! Honestly, if this were a standalone, I would not be as happy with it, because there is a lot of story yet to come…Jimmy Patterson is getting very very drunk at the Stonewall Saloon. His boyfriend of a year has decided to take off with another ma [...]

    11. What’s In a Name starts with the best description of a drinking binge and followup hangover I’ve ever read. It goes on kind of long but it made me laugh with each turn of the stomach. Jimmy is a twink who is more mature than first imagined. He owns a business and is getting ready to expand. He has a boyfriend who is not worth his time or his love but he’s a little slow to figure that out.Guy is the owner of a gay bar in a small valley town in California. He’s had a bit of a crush on his [...]

    12. 5 Hearts Reviewed by Prime for MM Good Book Reviews Click link for giveaway (Ends 18th March 2015)This is one pretty damn cool and well written story. Jimmy is a sweetheart and it’s difficult not to instantly feel sorry for this self-confessed twink. To top it all off, he’s attracted to the big bear of a man behind the bar at the only gay bar in town. The mystery is no one knows his name. They just know him as whichever name tag he was wearing when last seen or taken notice of. This makes Ji [...]

    13. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Audiobook Review:Rating: 4 stars out of 5This story is told from Jimmy’s point of view, which gives us a good look at his thoughts and feelings, but we are able to see the other characters fairly well even though Jimmy was a bit oblivious at times. Guy is so patient with Jimmy’s questions and sweet I loved him from the beginning. Guy and Jimmy are just perfect for each other and they are both willing to make their quick building relationsh [...]

    14. I enjoyed this story, which is quite a sweet tale of a lad who has just left a harmful relationship and gets rescued from his misery by the hunky bartender at the only gay bar in town. The scene is California and while most people in town seem tolerant of alternative culture, an undercurrent is troubling and causes the characters difficulty in a new business. The bartender goes by a different name every night so the main character, a barista, while rebounding from his doormat life and growing in [...]

    15. I thought this book was a lot of fun. There were a few cliches and a few times where the plot was a bit simplistic. But I really liked both of the guys, there was a lot of good humor in their relationship, and I believed in their feelings for each other. I enjoyed many of the secondary characters and look forward to seeing more of them in the sequels to this book.

    16. Audiobook Review:There is quite a lot of story in the short, sweet romance; although no sex, which I didn't mind. The name is kind of deceiving as the "can he guess my name" game the MCs have is a very minor plot point. I guessed his name halfway through, although I was hoping I was wrong, I wasn't. The gist of the story is the budding romance between Jimmy and Guy. They get together in the beginning of the book. What starts up as a random hook up when Jimmy's jerk of a boyfriend dumps him on hi [...]

    17. Story of "Jimmy" and"Stone". Love what both the names of the characters are. Jimmy is at Stones bar with his so called boyfriend Alex (who is off picking up other men), Having his Birthday drink. He ends up drunk and in Stones bed while Alex takes some random guy home. The storyline is fast paced all happens in a matter of days for Stone and Jimmy to be together, for Jimmy business to get trashed. I didn't really mind the fast pace of the book where they went from no relationship to full relatio [...]

    18. This is a great beginning, to what I hope, turns out to be a great series! I love the MCs even though the author stereotyped them they still worked for me. I'm not a big fan of insta-love but this one didn't really feel like insta-love, not to me at least. The guys have known each other casually for a while it's just not evident right away. I could have done without the psychopath ex, he was a bit over the top but his bit came and went quickly so I over looked itly. Overall What's in a Name? is [...]

    19. 2* for the story + 1 * for the fade-to-black sex.It's actually an insta-romance story, but it didn't feel instant, maybe because there's no graphic sex therefore the story could focus on the romance part. I think for a story that spanned a week, it's successful enough to make me believe in Jimmy and Guy's relationship.

    20. I'm not quite sure what set me on these books, just that this one appealed. It had strong interesting diverse characters, some humour, some (should be obsolete) conflict with homophobes and bigots. It has lovely MC's and I've already bought the rest.

    21. What’s in a Name?By Pat Henshaw(first of the Foothills series)Jimmy Patterson Is having the worst night of his life. Dumped by his boyfriend on his birthday, Jimmy decides to drown his sorrows at the Stonewall, the lone gay bar in his small foothills town. The only one who will listen to him seems to be the big bartender, who Jimmy has known ever since he and his best friend Felicity opened their coffee shop in the mall outside town. Thing is, Jimmy doesn’t know his name, because he wears a [...]

    22. Reviewer: DianeGenre: M/M ContemporaryReview:Jimmy is dumped by his cheating boyfriend on his birthday. He decides to drown his sorrows at the Stonewall Saloon, chatting with the bartender he has been getting to know over the time he’s been in town, asking about his real name since he always wears a different name tag. At the point he gets cut off, he also gets sick, then passes out and somehow wakes up with the hangover from hell then 7 dates to get to know his bartender bear’s real name.Th [...]

    23. > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < The cover has a very Old West look and feel to it, from the landmarks to the sepia tone cover. Only if you look closely enough and see the motorcycle's handlebars and mirror are you convinced it's a modern story. Personally, the cover would not normally draw and keep my attention. The synopsis seems sort of vague and silly, in a "Rumpelstiltskin" kind of way. I opted to listen to this audiobook because I've read a few stories by this author before [...]

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