Working Stiff

Working Stiff Sofie Metropolis s PI business is so successful at finding missing spouses and lost pets and at proving insurance fraud that she s hired new staff including her formerly layabout cousin There are two

  • Title: Working Stiff
  • Author: Tori Carrington
  • ISBN: 9780765317445
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sofie Metropolis s PI business is so successful at finding missing spouses and lost pets and at proving insurance fraud that she s hired new staff, including her formerly layabout cousin There are two men in Sofie s life sexy Greek baker Dino, who found a place in her heart and bed in Foul Play, and man of mystery Jake Porter, whose Australian accent is guaranteed to tSofie Metropolis s PI business is so successful at finding missing spouses and lost pets and at proving insurance fraud that she s hired new staff, including her formerly layabout cousin There are two men in Sofie s life sexy Greek baker Dino, who found a place in her heart and bed in Foul Play, and man of mystery Jake Porter, whose Australian accent is guaranteed to turn Sofie s knees to water The week before Halloween, a body disappears from Sofie s Aunt s funeral home It might be a holiday prank, but Sofie s barely begun to investigate when she s handed a truly hot case prove the innocence of someone already on trial for murder

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    1. Tori Carrington

      Author Tori Carrington is the penname of husband and wife writing team Lori and Tony Karayianni.Hands down, penning a bio is always the most difficult writing challenge we take on What do we say What do we keep a secret Considering we ve been writing together for over twenty two yearswell, that reveals about us than anything you ll likely read here We re fiction writers simply because we enjoy escaping into an exciting, colorful, fictional world of our own making Take great, shameless pleasure in delving into the lives of others Revel in living vicariously through our characters, trying on career hats we d never otherwise put on, stretching muscles we d probably be better off excercising in reality We won t even discuss how our writing allows us to voice opinions on society, romance and human sexuality that aren t subject to public ridicule but rather presented as entertainment To go there, well, we d be revealing a little too much, now, wouldn t we So we ll stick to just the facts, ma am or sir, depending on your preference, which may or may not have anything to do with your sex Should you desire information, feel free to e mail us and we ll provide you with our phone number, or our preference arrange to meet with you one on one where we can learn as much, or perhaps , about you as you will about us Depending on our mood, we may spill everything we d prefer to keep a secret, like which traits we would change about the other if given half a chance Likewise, we may wisecrack our way through the interview, sprinkle our responses with what we find exciting about our latest book, and blissfully skate over personal details that might bare a little too much.Trust us, this is not an attempt to create an aura of mystery We re not quite that saavy No, we re just very protective of our evolving selves and consider ourselves open minded, known to change an opinion the moment we voice it or are presented with further information, so we re hesitant to commit any to writing Guess we re very Socrates like as opposed to Socratic in that way, which isn t altogether a bad thingSo rather than dictate to you here, we ll lay out the basic facts, then provide a number of links to others who have interviewed us.I m Lori Schlachter Karayianni a Holy Toledo, Ohio, native, having attended Central Catholic but ultimately graduating from Macomber Whitney with certification in computer science After working in the computer industry for a number of years and after Tony and I endeavored to write our first novel I switched to temp work which ultimately led to a four year stint as a secretary sales clerk in the engineering and international sales departments of Owens Illinois, the international container company that put the glass into The Glass City I put the brakes on before I reached the five year mark, however, the point of no return for most dreamers who get caught in the corporate trap vacation time Better benefits Probably I should stay until retirement.Tony s background couldn t be different from mine, but thankfully it led him to me Born in Smila, a small hillside village in the area of Ancient Olympia outside Pyrgos, Greece, where his family has deep roots and an older brother still maintains the family olive groves he was raised in Athens during a time of political and cultural upheaval, although neither stopped him from becoming a drummer in a successful pop band that often played with Greek singer Teris Chrysos He immigrated to the U.S in late 1976 and with the help of the Greek community achieved the American Dream Only the hunger for something , the restless searching that originally compelled him to turn his back on his successful music career and brought him here, remained It wasn t until after we d become a couple, and he turned to me and suggested that we try our hand at writing, that both of us discovered the true meaning of th


    1. This series to me is kind of like the poor man's version of the Stephanie Plum books. Instead of Stephanie Plum, we have Sophie Metropolis, private investigator who happens into this job after her wedding gets called off. Anyway, this is the fourth book in the series and Sophie has a few cases to solve, a missing dead body case and trying to prove another guy innocent of killing his girlfriend. Of course, there is the Greek guy that she is secretly seeing as well as the mysterious Australian PI [...]

    2. Sofie is back for book four. This time she has sex. As Sofie is becoming more of a real PI, she has been taking on bigger cases and actually hiring a staff. Kidnappings, murders, body stealing, and more are all in this one. Not only is the book more serious, but so are the consequences. Sofie and Dino? Sofie and Jake? Where will she finally end up? She has a serious problem with her choices in my opinion which makes it hard for me to really like her. Still better than the last. (6.5/10)

    3. Sofie Metropolis is still on the private investigation beat in Astoria, Queens when her aunt asks her to find out why a body is missing from the family funeral home. Then she's hired to clear a man on trial for killing his girlfriend. Both of these are considerably more complicated than Sofie's usual lost pet cases, but she finds a way to crack them all the same.

    4. Another winner from this husband and wife writing team. Lots of laughs, but fun to see Sofie developing a bit more as a character in the series. This time she's hot on the trail of a missing corpse and the real murderer of a society girl who's boyfriend is on trial for the crime. Of course, she solves the mysteries, but also gets to deal with the touchy personal issues.

    5. I gave up after a few chapters. Tori Carrington is one of those authors who can't make it through a situation or conversation without 10 or twelve side line introverted monologues of the main character. Like, "I saw the cat. I remembered when I was 12 and a cat lived next door. . ." Who cares!! It drives me crazy. And then there was the language. I was so hopeful for a fun new series.

    6. Great main mystery with lots of little subplots to keep you entertained along the way. Definitely my favorite Sophie Metropolis book so far.

    7. As soon as I opened the covers of my advanced review copy of Working Stiff, fourth in the Sofie Metropolis detective series by husband and wife writing team, Lori and Tony Karayianni as the combo name Tori Carrington, I was reminded of those long ago days of reading Nancy Drew mysteries by Carolyne Keene. I was, fair to say, obsessed with sharp and sassy girl-detective Nancy Drew as a young girl. Gee, that was long ago. I'm not sure why, but I have steered clear of mysteries ever since. Go figur [...]

    8. I came across Working Stiff when I was browsing at the library the other day. I saw the author’s name, recognized it, skimmed the blurb, and said ‘what the hell.’ Go figure that I find out after I start reading that this is actually the fourth book in the Sofie Metropolis series. Even so, I still read and enjoyed this one.Sofie Metropolis is a P.I. out of Queens who takes on a case of a missing body - a missing dead body – for her aunt, and a case to try and find the real killer of a tee [...]

    9. this is one of the greek 'stephanine plum' type books. she is a greek dective, she got the dog from teh neighbor when she died, but the dog doesnt like her. she caught her 'groom' in bed with her bridesmaid right before the wedding on the wedding day. her parents got her a apt bldg for the wedding present, she lives there. teh old lady across teh hall collects teh rent for her. she is having a affair with the cute greek baker but for some reason is also going to bed with the australian dective. [...]

    10. Sophie Metropolis is turning into quite the successful private investigator. She has a few big cases under her belt, but is far from esteemed in her Astoria, Queens community. Now she is asked to find a dead body that has disappeared from her Aunt Sotiria’s funeral home and hired to prove an alleged murderer innocent. Her assistant is as sassy as ever and her pseudo reformed cousin is proving helpful. While business is booming, her personal life is getting complicated. Her dog, Muffy, is actin [...]

    11. I have mixed feeling about this book. I think some editing might have made it much better. I would have given it 2 stars but liked it a bit more than that. 2.5.I agree with others that this is a bit too close to the Stephanie Plum books with the Greek vs Italian family, the two hot boyfriends, and the wacky relatives. I can get past that. My problem is with some of the excruciating internal monologues about every feeling. And the endless flashbacks. I haven't read the prior 3 books but she refer [...]

    12. As more characters become fleshed out in the Sophie Metro universe, the books have gotten more interesting. Various plot lines may not weave together seamlessly, but the authors are getting better at changing from one story to another.There was a lacking of "Greekness" as compared to previous books in the series. As I am of Greek descent, I always look forward to this part of the book. It is what keeps me reading the series. Hopefully the next installment will satisfy my love of being "Greek" wi [...]

    13. I keep waiting for her character to get smarter, even when she says she's getting smarter but it just doesn't happen It's entertaining enough to get me through a work day and a few parts had me laughing but mainly I'm just wondering why Sofie is so dumbAnd, no offense, but Allison Ryan, the narrator, was hit and miss. I really didn't like her voice as Sofie but thought some of her other voices were okay but the ones for Jake and Rosie were off too. I loved the original narrator so let down b [...]

    14. These books have always been a Stephanie Plum knock off (other reviews deny that, but it's almost character for character, plot point, etc). When faced with a minimal ebook shelf from the library, you take what you can get. Jake (or, Ranger-light) comes off as just a pitiful loser with a crappy apartment and a waterbed, not, you know, Ranger.I've read an awful lot of fluffy beach reads lately because I'm too lazy to go to the library. I think my patience with them is wearing thin.

    15. I liked this one. It's been so long since I read anything in this series that I couldn't remember if I had read it before. It didn't seem like it until the very end. That seemed kind of familiar. I think that too many people are comparing this series to Stephanie Plum, and finding it inferior. Which is unfair. It's a good series that stands on its own. I like Stephanie Plum too, but I don't think it's that similar.

    16. I've liked the previous Sofie Metropolis books a lot more than I liked this one. People aren't wrong when they say Sofie is pretty much a Stephanie Plum knockoff, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Except this time, I wasn't sure if I'd read it or not before, because the funeral home caper reminded me so much of the Stephanie Plum equivalent that I couldn't tell the difference until I realized it was a missing body, not missing coffins. As such, this book was a bit of a letdown.

    17. Sofie Metro gets her guy both in solving her cases and in her love life,but then she loses the sexy, Australian bounty hunter,Jake, after giving up the cute, Greek baker, Dino. A fun read with an exciting ending. Muffy the dog saves the day. Well Sofie does her part too, but I liked that it wasn't a sexy man to save the day. Sofie used her own resources and smarts to get things done.

    18. This is my first time to read this author and although I love a good detective book I won't choose another by them. I did make it through to the end but the characters reminded me of Janet Evanovichs books without the fun. Most of all the story wrenched my stomach at times with the gross descriptions. Maybe that means that they are good at writing, I don't know, but I will pass in the future.

    19. Bigtime Stephanie Plum/Janet Evanovich knockoff. Sophie Metropolis was cheated on by her fiance (check), and is now involved with a mysterious bounty hunter (check) and a sexy stable guy who loves her (check). She gets involved in misadventures that involve funeral homes (check), animals (check), wacky old people (check) and ethnic humor (check). It's pleasant enough, but not amazing.

    20. Sofie Metropolis is getting more and more interesting. She is becoming a better PI and her relationship struggles have me cheering on Dino while still wondering what's the deal with the Aussie. I liked this one the best so far in the series and can't wait to catch the next one.

    21. Sofie takes on a big one this time as she helps to figure out if a guy is innocent of murder. She is also trying to find a corpse that disappeared before the viewing. She and her dog work things out and a cat enters her life too. Fun to read.

    22. A good light mystery read. I will be checking for more titles in this series. Not as fluffy as Janet Evonovich. Tori Carrington is actually the pen name of two people working together to write the Sofie Metropolis books.

    23. June 08/10 -- Chapter 2 --June 14/10 -- Chapter 19 --June 15/10 -- Finished --I have loads of fun with these books because the mystery is enjoyable, the quirky Greek characters and other friends remind me of many people in my own life and everything makes me smile.

    24. Make a note that the Sofie Metropolis series has potential read-alike value for Janet Evanovich or Charlaine Harris readers. Spunky heroine, bounty hunter, a touch of vampire--leans toward more romance than mystery. Easy reading and just fun.

    25. It's was a little slow in the beginning but picked up toward the end. One of the weaker ones in the series. But still a quick read.

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