Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure

Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Bill Willingham the bestselling author of DC Vertigo s Fables reimagines the most iconic characters of the Dynamite stable in a gorgeous and expansive Steampunk universe A mysterious woman named Mag

  • Title: Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure
  • Author: Bill Willingham Sergio Fernandez Davila
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bill Willingham, the bestselling author of DC Vertigo s Fables, reimagines the most iconic characters of the Dynamite stable in a gorgeous and expansive Steampunk universe A mysterious woman named Magna Spadarossa searches the many kingdoms of her world to find her missing sister, Sonja From glamorous airships to clockwork cities to primordial jungles, Magna evades the pBill Willingham, the bestselling author of DC Vertigo s Fables, reimagines the most iconic characters of the Dynamite stable in a gorgeous and expansive Steampunk universe A mysterious woman named Magna Spadarossa searches the many kingdoms of her world to find her missing sister, Sonja From glamorous airships to clockwork cities to primordial jungles, Magna evades the pursuit of strange and dastardly villains, thanks to the help of many brave heroes Featuring Red Sonja, Vampirella, Green Hornet, Kato, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Silver Star, Captain Victory, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Zorro, as you ve never seen them before

    Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Willingham, Bill Oct , Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Paperback January , by Bill Willingham Author Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure by Bill Willingham Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Stars, buy it Self Purchase, Comixology I like how spunky and confident the main character is The plot was a lot of fun and the main character, a woman kicked some serious bad guy ass The woman owns a nightclub and mid dinner a woman comes running in screaming for help. Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure eBook Oct , Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Kindle comiXology by Bill Willingham Author Dynamite Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Featuring stunning steam powered cover art from superstar artist Joe Benitez, this seventh chapter in Bill Willingham s epic Legenderry saga teams Red Sonja with Zorro the swashbuckler who has been fighting a one man revolution to overturn the shadow government of The Principality Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure Volume Comic Vine This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

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    1. Bill Willingham Sergio Fernandez Davila

      In the late 1970s to early 1980s he drew fantasy ink pictures for the Dungeons Dragons Basic and Expert game rulebooks He first gained attention for his 1980s comic book series Elementals published by Comico, which he both wrote and drew However, for reasons unknown, the series had trouble maintaining an original schedule, and Willingham s position in the industry remained spotty for many years He contributed stories to Green Lantern and started his own independent, black and white comics series Coventry which lasted only 3 issues He also produced the pornographic series Ironwood for Eros Comix In the late 1990s Willingham reestablished himself as a prolific writer He produced the 13 issue Pantheon for Lone Star Press and wrote a pair of short novels about the modern adventures of the hero Beowulf, published by the writer s collective, Clockwork Storybook, of which Willingham was a founding member In the early 2000s he began writing extensively for DC Comics, including the limited series Proposition Player, a pair of limited series about the Greek witch Thessaly from The Sandman, and most notably the popular series Fables


    1. I will always compare everything Bill Willingham does to Fables, fair or unfair. And it seems to pale in comparison. I normally love when modern writers borrow characters from the classics, and Willingham has done this with characters from the pulp action, fantasy and adventure of the 19th and Early 20th century and integrated them into the Steampunk framework of his imagination. I was more inspired by the artwork than the actual story. As far as the narrative itself, it was vaguely interesting. [...]

    2. I wavered between 4 stars and 5 stars on this, but ultimately it had to fall on 5 stars. The reason it's closer to 4.5 is that there is a LOT of dialogue, and while I don't mind reading, sometimes it felt like it was forced in situations where there should not be so much. At one point a character laments that another character talks too much, though at the same time this character often does as much, or more, speaking. It was almost as if the author was afraid to leave a page with just a pretty [...]

    3. This was a good fun read. Nothing mind blowing, but enjoyable. I liked Willingham finding yet another way to throw together a bunch of disparate, unconnected characters that the readers already knew, and I thought he did so with some panache. I also loved the art, which suited not only the writing but the whole flavour of the comics. My main complaint is the final issue, that wrapped everything up a little neatly whilst leaving plenty of loopholes open at the same time. Recommended for fans of W [...]

    4. Very disappointing effort from Bill Willingham. Humourless, with a cast of characters who fail to establish any personalities for themselves. Lavish artwork serves mainly as a distraction from a ridiculously slight story and soon becomes tiring - every single female character looks like they stepped out of a porn set and the artist generally seems unable to do facial expressions. One for hardcore fans only.

    5. Nice re-imagining of these pulp era characters into a Steampunk setting. Very good art and story make this a excellent read. If you are looking for something new with your old pulp heroes this is very recommended.

    6. There were more superheroes in this issue, I am sure of it I'm just not sure who they were. Steve Austin makes me think of the "wrestler." I was amused that it was a "lion," "tiger," and a "bear" that attacked the ship. That made me chuckle. I did enjoy this one a bit better than the previous two but I'm not sure exactly what is going on. Magna's on the run on the swim by the end. She jumps ship right before it crashes into the ocean. I hope she knows how to swiiiim.It did occur to me that I [...]

    7. 3.5 stars, but I'm a nice guy so I'll round it up.Now. I haven't read FABLES. I should and will read it eventually, but in the meantime I'm kind of grateful I haven't because it looks like a good chunk of the negative criticism LEGENDERRY is receiving comes from the comparison to Bill Willingham's long-running and critically acclaimed other series. But I haven't read it so I can't comment on how the two series' stack against each other.OK, got that out of the way. I started reading LEGENDERRY be [...]

    8. Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure #1 5 Stars, buy it Self Purchase, ComixologyI like how spunky and confident the main character is.  The plot was a lot of fun and the main character, a woman kicked some serious bad guy ass. The woman owns a nightclub and mid dinner a woman comes running in screaming for help. The main character, whose name I can’t remember, comes to her rescue and kills the men who were chasing her. It’s determined that the woman needing help was looking into the disappear [...]

    9. It's a novel concept - Dynamite took their licensed titles and smashed them all together in an alternate Steampunk world. It shouldn't work, but it does, both because the characters are familiar to their regular versions, but also aren't locked into it. Seeing characters like The Phantom and Zorro interact with Red Sonja and Vampirella in a consistent environment makes this work better than the Swords of Sorrow crossover did. It helps that the story is interesting, even if it is another take on [...]

    10. Dynamite's revival of a slew of old pulp vigilantes has had some successes, but also - and most especially in the team-ups - a tendency to cluttered attempts at crowd-pleasing which fail to hang together as more than half-arsed theme park rides. Now, combine that with the tiresomely ubiquitous steampunk vogue, resulting in the Green Hornet et al draped in goggles, cogs and airshipsd then flee, because it's quite staggeringly mediocre.

    11. While the artwork was very impressive, - It must be a joy to draw and think up so much steampunk outfits - the story did not manage to capture me at all. it was not understandable to me why the characters did what they did.Also I think it is very weird to walk around like the lady did and still claim to be a respectable women in sort-off victorian times :P. Probably will not read more of this.

    12. Legenderry is over the top -which was kinda a given- and some elements were just down right silly, But It was a damn fun to read.

    13. I haven't read victorian-sounding dialogue in a while, so that aspect is entirely welcome. And finally, a reference to forty-seven. Thank you! The story follows a young woman who is sought by a group of villains who intend to take over the world. She meets several characters from the Dynamite universe that are adapted to the steampunk setting. It might have been even more enjoyable if I had been more familiar with the original characters.Madam Pendragon (Vampirella) is the owner of Club Scarlet, [...]

    14. This is first graphic novel I ever read, other than the comic books as a child. I enjoyed the story and how it brought other characters from past comic book history into it. I am hooked on graphic novels now. Hard to read on a kindle, this is the kind of book where you enjoy the art work as much as the story.

    15. L'éditeur français offre une magnifique traduction d'une BD pleine d'aventures. Il est agréable de retrouver autant de personnages mythiques affronter des méchants bien sinistres! L'album contient aussi plusieurs bonus qui réjouissent les yeux.

    16. A rather fun little idea, written by one my favorites [Bill Willingham], with some wonderful "steampunk" art. It was too short though, and the ending was quite abrupt. I wouldn't have minded spending more time with the folks of Legenderry.

    17. gave up after the first two chapters. you might be able to enjoy it if you read these series and like seeing the reinterpretation of the characters.

    18. This was pretty much Red Sonja running around having adventures in a steampunk world, and somewhere along the line, a group of superheroes (or, well, extraordinarily unnatural humans) got together in a crossover world to play with all sorts of technology. Oh, and there's a League of Supervillains too, and surprise, surprise, they're in it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Really, it was an action-packed adventure, and I was entertained for the first few issues, up until the point Red Sonja came along and [...]

    19. I am a great fan of Bill Willingham’s ever since a friend and comic shop owner pointed my eyes and imagination towards Fables. So, when I heard that he was turning his attention to some of the great comic book characters, and throwing in a “Steampunk” feel, I had to give it a try.There has been other “Mass” character graphic novels, such as Masks by Chris Roberson and I have found that these can be a little messy, and losing the characterisation of its cast. So with some trepidation, I [...]

    20. There is a really great video out there in the vast world of the interwebs that pokes fun at the steampunk genre and how easily it is abused. The tagline: “Just glue some gears on it and call it steampunk.” The introduction to this graphic novel alone brought that commentary to mind, having hit on all the major steampunk tropes in a single paragraph: clockwork, gear, gaslight – check, check, check.Fortunately, the less-than-encouraging introduction did not follow into the actual story. I r [...]

    21. No he podido terminarlo en la biblioteca así que no voy a puntuarlo, porque lo cierto es que no tengo ninguna intención de retomarlo.Tiene alguna que otra cosa llamativa pero no posee una historia que enganche desde el primer momento ni mucho menos, uno de los personajes no para de decir que ella es una dama y tal y cual pero no para de enseñar los ligueros por motivos desconocidos para la humanidad, el color es horribleEn fin que no he podido terminarlo pero ganas no me han quedado.

    22. I am not one who is well versed in steampunk, but LEGENDERRY is a most enjoyable read. Akin to LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, Willingham combines fiction characters from a variety of sources (e.g. Vampirella, Green Hornet and Kato, a version of the 6 Million Dollar Man [in this instance worth $6,000]) and it all works. The artwork is exceptionally detailed and the plot is classic action/adventure.

    23. Part of the Dynamite ebook bundle. This seems to be one of those stories that brings in the major characters from all of their big comics, I'd probably get more out of it if I knew who more of the characters were. Not that the story is at all confusing without knowing the characters' backgrounds, but this comic definitely fan service and the "Hey look, it's So-and-so, steampunk style! Squee!" would make it more interesting.

    24. The art is pretty. There are lots of female characters. But I was completely lost most of the time. I read some of the Dynamite comics when I was a kid, mostly The Phantom, and was aware of some of the other characters, and I think this is really clever, but I just didn't get most of it. Someone with a greater knowledge of the various characters would have better luck, I reckon. Me, I'm going back to Fables :)

    25. Great stuff here! good story, nice intro to characters that even if I wasn't a fan of almost all of them I could still follow and get behind the "steampunk" them. The artwork is awesome. I look forward to more because I feel like this book was just scratching the surface of a larger idea. Picked up the current Green Hornet run hoping for more Phantom, Sonja, Zorro, and maybe some Mandrake later on.

    26. Lo que parecía un crossover al uso toma visos de interés gracias al guión de Bill Willingham, quien - lejos de limitarse a ofrecer steamer de conocidos personajes - opta por dar una razón y un objetivo a este micro universo, sin grandes caracterizaciones pero muy coherente en su premisa. Más de lo que se podía esperar.

    27. I thought this book was a great introduction to the steampunk version of these characters. That being said, I do feel the story was a little rushed or forced at times, and it would have been better as a longer running series. Still, I am excited to read the next Legenderry comic and the character spin-offs.

    28. I like the idea behind this book; steampunk is fun and who doesn't love to see characters like this running into each other? However, I think this series is trying to do a little too much; there's a ton of characters in these seven issues dealing with a very large and wide reaching plot, and I think it needed more room.

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