The Medici Secret

The Medici Secret In the crypt of the Medici Chapel in Florence scientist Edie Granger and her uncle Carlin Mackenzie are examining the mummified remains of one of the most powerful families in Renaissance Italy The

  • Title: The Medici Secret
  • Author: MichaelWhite
  • ISBN: 9780099520184
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the crypt of the Medici Chapel in Florence, scientist Edie Granger and her uncle, Carlin Mackenzie, are examining the mummified remains of one of the most powerful families in Renaissance Italy.The embalmers have done their work well in terms of outward appearance But under the crisp skin, the organs have shrivelled to a fraction of their original size, which means itIn the crypt of the Medici Chapel in Florence, scientist Edie Granger and her uncle, Carlin Mackenzie, are examining the mummified remains of one of the most powerful families in Renaissance Italy.The embalmers have done their work well in terms of outward appearance But under the crisp skin, the organs have shrivelled to a fraction of their original size, which means it is difficult to gather usable DNA samples.Edie and Mackenzie both have serious doubts about the true identity of at least two of the five hundred year old bodies And no one can explain the presence of a strange object discovered resting against Cosimo di Medici s spine.For Mackenzie, this is both the most fascinating and the most dangerous discovery of his life For Edie, it is the beginning of an obsessive, life threatening quest.With all the dramatic twists and turns that made Equinox such a huge international success, The Medici Secret meshes past and present, cryptic clues and constant menace to produce a mystery thriller that does not relax its grip for one single moment.

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      Michael White is a British writer based in Sydney, Australia He has been a science editor of British GQ, a columnist for the Sunday Express in London and, in a previous incarnation , he was a member of the band the Thompson Twins 1982.


    1. I stumbled upon Michael White in a second hand book shop and was intrigued by the subject, as the Medici have always fascinated me. It was a fast read, action packed. He tends to write his books in two levels ie with a current scenario paralleled with the actual period in Renaissance Italy. So you have the machiavellian Medici creating what 500 years later was to become a compelling mystery, when modern day archeologists discovered the presence of an alien object resting against the spine of the [...]

    2. Classica lettura da ombrellone, senza gloria ne infamia. Mi è stato regalato da una cara amica, altrimenti difficilmente lo avrei acquistato. Che dire, nella mia esperienza di letture di questo genere, un mystery thriller alla Dan Brown, non mi ha entusiasmato per nulla già fin dall'inizio. Devo ammettere che Dan Brown è molto superiore, anzi, è un maestro del genere rispetto a questa imitazione di pseudo mystery thriller. Quando alla fine scopriamo il tanto decantato mistero dei Medici rima [...]

    3. I expected this book to be terrible. I was right! I gave it two stars on the grounds that I remained interested enough to keep reading, though this wasn't the author's fault -- Cosimo and Contessina de' Medici were the people that kept me interested. The non-historical characters included were 2D, the romance was so completely undeveloped it just made me laugh, and the whole thing just seemed way too melodramatic. The jumps about in time (and space) were irritating: novels don't have to be linea [...]

    4. Sadly I didn't really get into this book. I had expected a great fast paced read. But it jumped around a lot from 1410 to the present which was quite confusing. The historical aspects were interesting though.

    5. Having just been in Rome with a visit to Florence I couldn't resist this book. It is a fast moving mystery/thriller about finding, losing and discovery the secret of a mysterious object found in the remains of what was thought to be Cosimo de Medici the most famous of the Medici family. His remains were being studied by a team of Forensic Anthropologists to prove it was in fact Cosimo.

    6. Il libro in se è carino, segue un po’ il filo dell’altrettanto famoso Dan Brown( che preferisco di più), ma la grossa pecca è che ho capito di cosa si stava parlando a metà libro, il che mi ha fatto scemare la voglia di continuare a leggere

    7. Readin this book was like watching a Dan Brown book based movie. Exciting, twisted, with great descriptions of the places and accurate scientific statements. I liked reading it, I only gave 4 stars because there wasn't an "omg book hangover" feeling afterwards.

    8. Fully absorbing and action packed from the first page!In the crypt of the Medici Chapel in Florence, palaeopathologist, Edie Granger, and her uncle, Carlin Mackenzie, are examining the mummified remains of one of the most powerful families in Renaissance Italy. The embalmers have done their work well in terms of outward appearance. But under the crisp skin, the organs have shrivelled to a fraction of their original size, which means it is difficult to gather a usable DNA sample.Edie and Mackenzi [...]

    9. Este foi um livro que, infelizmente, me desiludiu. Não conhecia o autor mas a promessa de um policial histórico que, além da genética e da paleontologia, se debruça sobre a família Médici, pareceu-me a leitura ideal.Parece que me enganei. Apesar de ter adorado as últimas 70 páginas, o desenrolar do enredo foi maçudo, cansativo, confuso, etc etc.O uso de personagens reais pareceu-me cativante, porém toda a manipulação que foi feita com as suas histórias de vida, a moldagem dos espa [...]

    10. Kind of wish I could give half stars. It took me a little while to get into, but in the end things started coming together and it became pretty enjoyable nonsense. That being said, there was a lot I wasn't too keen on. The characters didn't feel real and I really couldn't stand the constant listing of place names (most of which would only make any sense if you frequent or live in Florence or Venice) and "convenient coincidences". The actual plot was kind of difficult to follow, with the time per [...]

    11. This book read like it was trying desperately to be something by Dan Brown -- in other words, it had a deplorable lack of ambition. The characters were nearly too precious to be believed, from the geeky science chick who just happened to look just like actress Liv Tyler, to the precocious teen-aged daughter who could shake off the violent death of a close friend in mere minutes, to the incredibly rich, handsome, and connected-to-everyone best friend. Each one felt like a cartoon sketch of an act [...]

    12. Le daría 2.5.Me gustó, eso no lo niego, pero a veces lo sentí muy falto de fuerza. Ligeramente predecible en algunas partes, pero el autor tiene buen manejo de ritmo y buena escritura. Sus personajes son bastante "normales", quizás típicos. Roberto es mi preferido y creo el único destacable -y casi mato al autor en una parte.Me lié un poco con alguno de los acertijos, especialmente uno de los últimos, se me hacia que las explicaciones del mismo salían como si nada y se me resultaba poco [...]

    13. I stumbled across this book while staying in a hostel in London. Their take-a-book, leave-a-book policy combined with the lure of the Medici family was enough to make me snatch the book up right away but, sadly, I'm not sure if it was overly worth it to cram this book into my already overstuffed suitcase and bring it back home to read. It wasn't the greatest book I've ever read but not the worst book either. I found the storyline to be reminiscent of the DaVinci Code and the characters weren't a [...]

    14. After reading two of White's books, I'm having serious doubts about his ability to come up with new story lines. The Borgia Ring follows an almost identical plot. An ancient secret, murders, unneccesary violence and a betrayel at the end (shock horror). Halfway through The Borgia Ring I was able to identify the killer, and halfway through the Medici Secret I was able to identify the killer. Coincidence?However, I will give credit to his writing. Whilst he may not be able to come up with original [...]

    15. The main story is quite similar to White's previous book "The Equinox". This time the secret lies within the Medici -family in Venice and Florence. The main characters frantically travel from place to place pursued by villains and try to follow the leads. Sometimes the hints are so odd, that I couldn't quite understand them. But apparently the characters did. Also, the secret itself was a bit unbelievable considering the time it was said to be discovered and hidden.All in all, I'd hope White wou [...]

    16. There is nothing like a bit of escapism and adventure wrapped around a mystery. Michael White has crafted a story wher all the elements are there but it just does not pull together. White seemed unsure as to who the main character is and this meant the story lacked a driving force. There was no ticking bomb scenario that meant the character must suceed otherwise the world dies or some other disaster. The characters followed the clues, looking for the answer but there was never any understanding [...]

    17. This is an easy and relatively quick read, perfect for airports and planes etc. On the downside, it's a bit implausible in parts but best to just "get over it" and keep turning the page. The Medici family fascinates me, particularly Cosimo, and I also love Venice and Florence. Wrap them all up and throw in a dead body, a chapel, a lost secret, lots of codes, assassins, and mix it all up with a quest to find the truth. Hmmm, doesn't this sound vaguely familiar? Seriously, this isn't a bad book. I [...]

    18. Hmmm I'm not really sure what I thought of this book. It did keep my interest, but the jumping around between 3 time periods and multiple characters got pretty confusing, especially in the first half of the book. The jumping between characters also meant that they were all a little flat. I like to get to know my characters and I don't feel like I did with this book. The plot was good enough it was interesting, pretty fast paced, and kept the pages turning. The writing was ok, nothing special, bu [...]

    19. Jäi kesken sivulla 88, liikaa kirjoja, liian vähän aikaa. Voisin ehkä muuten katsastaa tätä pidemmällekin, mutta siirryn mieluummin eteenpäin massiivisen lukulistani seulomisessa.Kun lähden lukemaan jännäriä, tulee iso miinus siitä, että ajatus lähtee harhailemaan, eikä ole vaikeaa nukahtaa kesken.Hahmoja erotti toisistaan lähinnä nimet, muuten persoonallisuus näytti olevan yhtä mitäänsanomaton jokaisella.Valitettavasti historialliset osuudet uppoavat samaan tekstimassaan, [...]

    20. Shades of The Da Vinci Code but without the darkness and frenetic pace. Interesting characters and as the story moves from the activities of Cosimo Medici in the 15th century to modern day Venice and Florence and the discoveries of archeologists investigating the bodies buried in the Medici Chapel. Finding out what Medici found all those years ago that was so important and dangerous the hiding place had to be hidden within riddles within riddles, has the reader hating to put the book down. Highl [...]

    21. The reason for reading this book was the link wirh the medici. I was hoping the setting would be Florence. Instead most of the action takes place in Venice.I think there are too many changes in times and places, and a bit too much of Dan Brown conspiracy theory and famous characters through the ages hiding clues and secrets. The characters are not very well rounded, couldn't describe what makes them tickOn the pro side: it is a fast pacing thriller and there are some nice descriptions of Venice. [...]

    22. Two stars. Interesting enough, and as a fictional introduction to some of the Renaissance figures, ok I suppose. But honestly, the plot and the action is so far-fetched as to be laughable, and where the author couldn't think of anything far-fetched to add as a plot line, he just jumped straight from a to m or n with nothing in between. In the end, perhaps it's the mixing of fiction with real characters from history (doing things they never did) which is the problem. But as another reviewer has s [...]

    23. Following in a similar vain as Dan Brown's Da Vinci code, this story is perfect for a bit of junk reading. If your familiar with the locations of the book namely Florence and Venice then this mystery crime come historical thriller story makes interesting reading bending some facts and lots and lots of fiction to create a story with shallow characters but interesting twists. What really makes this redeeming is that unlike the deluded Dan Brown, the author does not try and tell you that fiction is [...]

    24. I'm left with mixed feelings after reading that book.It was interesting,but a bit scatterbrained,a bit washed outobviously, it's uncomparable with the masters of this genre. There were far too many ideas and far too little explanation.It jumped from one place and time to another,the storylines never got fully untangled.I liked it,but I'm not impressed.I've read books 100 time better,but I guess it can always be worse as well,so I don't regret reading it.

    25. The story was along the lines of the Da Vinci code with one clue leading to another one and another one after that, all from different time periods.My main gripe is that I love to immerse myself in characters, and this book is more focused plot-driven. I'm not sure that all of the characters even had an important enough role to play to justify them being in the novel (I'm thinking in particular of Rose).It passed the time for me, but was not what I consider a satisfying read.

    26. I almost gave it four stars but for a 'little occurrence' in one of the latter chapters which in itself was a good chapter but my head naturally asked the question "Eh, hang on a minute, how could that be possible?". Even after reading it several times I'm still of the same mind but what do I know and it is fiction after all.It is a fast paced, full of twists and turns, book and a very quick read. I really did enjoy it!

    27. The writing, characters, and much of the plot itself feel like a watered-down The Da Vinci Code , but the Italian geography and (for the most part) history are what made this an enjoyable read for me. Specifically, the attention to detail in the architecture and culture of Venice were my favorite aspect, so if you're interested in those, I'd recommend this!

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