Box Out

Box Out John Coy turns to the high stakes world of high school basketball in this fast paced YA novel Liam has just been bumped up to starter on the varsity basketball team and the pressure s on With the gir

  • Title: Box Out
  • Author: John Coy
  • ISBN: 9780439870320
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • John Coy turns to the high stakes world of high school basketball in this fast paced YA novel.Liam has just been bumped up to starter on the varsity basketball team, and the pressure s on With the girls team heading to State, the boys team is under even greater scrutiny than usual in Liam s small midwestern town When the team s coach starts counting on the power of praJohn Coy turns to the high stakes world of high school basketball in this fast paced YA novel.Liam has just been bumped up to starter on the varsity basketball team, and the pressure s on With the girls team heading to State, the boys team is under even greater scrutiny than usual in Liam s small midwestern town When the team s coach starts counting on the power of prayer and enforcing teamwide participation Liam finds himself in a spotlight that s nerve racking than any trip to the free throw line In trying to stand up for what s right, Liam is forced to stand up for himself against his teammates, his fellow students, and even his parents.

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      John Coy is the author of young adult novels, the 4 for 4 middle grade series, and fiction and nonfiction picture books His most recent books are Their Great Gift, a story about immigration with striking photographs by Wing Young Huie and Gap Life, a YA novel about a boy whose parents will pay for college as long as he studies what they want.John has received numerous awards for his work including a Marion Vannett Ridgway Award for best first picture book, a Charlotte Zolotow Honor, Bank Street College Best Book of the Year, Notable Book for a Global Society, and the Burr Warzalla Award for Distinguished Achievement in Children s Literature.He lives in Minneapolis and visits schools around the world.


    1. I just finished an intriguing book called "Box Out" by John Coy. The main character of this book was Liam Bergstorm who had to face one major situation to be apart of something he wanted for so long. In my opinion no one could have handled the situation better than Liam. First off, Liam was a sophomore in high school who was a junior varsity basketball player. However, a player on varsity had a season-ending injury which provided Liam a chance on the varsity team. Coach Kloss, the varsity coach, [...]

    2. When I started to read Box Out, I thought that it was going to be about a kid that loved toplay basketball. I also thought that he was going to have some trouble. When I continued toread the book, I was not off by much.Box Out is about Liam Bergstrom, who is a sophomore and gets moved up to play onvarsity. The season goes on. The coach starts to like Liam. All throughout the season, Liam gotinto a problem with coach's routine for games and practice. He does not know what he shoulddo about it. He [...]

    3. The lights are on and the game is about to begin. Adrenaline pumps through the veins of every player. The coach enters the locker room, telling the X’s and O’s of that night’s game. Then, the coach orders the players to bow their heads and say The Lord’s Prayer. This is a public high school, you think in the back of your mind; this isn’t legal. Now, the question is do you stand up to your coach, or stay back in the crowd?This perfectly describes the situation of Liam Bergstrom in Box O [...]

    4. Box Out By: John Coy I have recently read "Box Out" by John Coy. There are many interesting points and topics to discuss about the book. The main character ran into many obstacles throughout the book which made it very compelling. The main character of the book is Liam Bergstrom. Liam is a high school sophmore who is promoted to his varsity basketball team. He is very ambitious and he has a friendly personality. Mr and Mrs. Bergstrom are Liam's parents. Seth is Liam's best friend who helps Liam [...]

    5. Another stellar sports novel from John Coy, who wrote Crackback. Liam is a sophomore and has just been moved up to the varsity basketball team. The head coach runs things very differently from the JV coach, including leading team prayers in practice and before (during and after) games, and requiring players to participate in a student-led Christian religious group. Although Liam is Catholic, he is pretty sure the coach of a public high school team should not be requiring students to participate [...]

    6. Box out By John CoyLiam Bergstrom leads a normal life, he just gets called out for the Varsity school basketball team. Liam has 2 problems in his life right now, his girlfriend is in France, alone on a trip with some friends, the other problem is the coach of the Varsity team. The Coach is leading prayers in the locker room and Liam does not feel comfortable but does not want to do anything about it because he is scared he will get kicked off or won’t get enough playing time, what will Liam wi [...]

    7. "Box Out" by John Coy is a book that can be challenging at times and even slow ,but overall can be entertaining to the reader leaving me wanting to know more of the story and its characters. This was a book that I struggled to read when I first picked it up, then later it caught grew me closer to is as I could relate in some of the ways the main character was facing his problems. This book follows a high school sophomore who plays on the boys varsity basketball team and it shows how his life get [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. I personally like it because basketball is my favorite sport and it tells a story of a kid who has the same desire as me for basketball. I have not seen the movie so I do not know if it is worth seeing or not. However, the Novel is well worth reading, because this may pertain to some people who go through the same issues as Liam does in the book. The book was published on July 1, 2008. John Coy is known for writing teen/ children books, including box out. The author l [...]

    9. When 10th grader Liam is bumped up to play Varsity basketball, he is a little nervous but mainly excited to get to work. But when the coach starts every game with a prayer and unofficially requires his attendance at a weekly morning prayer group, Liam starts to feel uncomfortable and does some research as to whether that is legal and what he can do about it. This is a decent premise, but Liam's voice didn't ring true to me at all. He never was never believably angry, and he just seemed sort of l [...]

    10. Do you like basketball and drama? If so, this is the book for you. Liam is the main character in the book, he loves the game of basketball and his girlfriend. He was asked to play on the varsity team because of an injury. The coach said he would be the perfect person since he is tall and can get rebounds. Coach Kloss is the varsity coach and every time before games he makes the team pray. Liam the new player on the team doesn't like that he makes them do that. "I Quit" This was the last words Li [...]

    11. Sophomore Liam Bergstrom just joined the varsity basketball team. His teammates made varsity because they're good. Liam's here because he's tall and Coach needs a guy who can grab rebounds. It's the chance Liam's been waiting for, but already he's playing catch-up. The other guys know what Coach expects, and they're willing to do things Coach's way, no matter what. So when Liam questions the team's practice of praying together before games, he's suddenly the odd man out. Now Liam has to find the [...]

    12. I think I am a the wrong audience for this book. I could see an avid basketball player liking this book and enjoying the descriptions of the games. I struggled with some the inane things the author describes Liam doing as I didn't feel it added to the story. I thought there were good discussion points in the book. I wondered if the coach had been a better coach and kinder to the kids if anyone would have even cared about the prayer issue. The Lexile is super low so this would work as a high low [...]

    13. Box Out by John Coy is a good action filled book, but lacks the evidence of description of the surrondings. The book is a good read for someone who likes sports books, especially basketball ones. The book is about a boy named, Liam Bergstrom, who was on the JV basketball team as a sophomore, but got moved up to the Varsity team. It tells of his struggles about basketball and life. Box Out is a quick read.

    14. I give the book Box Out by John Coy 4 Out Of 5 stars. It is a very good book because, instead of the main character being the greatest at the sport he is just an average kid who likes basketball. Also it is not just a basketball book it involves daily struggles for teens, it is a very good book for all ages.

    15. Box out, I think, is a great book for teenagers. I think that because its very relatable because it shows you the life of Liam Bergstrom who is a sophomore in high school who plays basketball and has girlfriend problems.

    16. Banned Book Review Do you love basketball? Do you think prayer in school is right? Personally I love basketball and I do not think prayer in school is right. If you feel the same as me then this book if for you! I would recommend Box Out by John Coy to a friend because it’s about the excitement of basketball and how a varsity player, Liam Bergstrom makes a difficult decision. Liam is first introduced to Christian prayers when he attends his first varsity basketball practice. “Heavenly father [...]

    17. I thought that this book was good. I like basketball so I liked reading it. I like how events turned a lot in the book too.

    18. I really liked this book because it had a really good story about the main character Liam Bergstorm. It talks about his journey to Varsity basketball, and how hard he worked. Also I really like basketball books.

    19. In the novel Box Out by John Coy, the combination of sentence flow and common interest made me enjoy this book from front to back. The novel really reminded me of the novel The Big game of Everything by Chris Lynch. I say that because they both were about sports which is my all time favorite thing to read about with an exception of The Hunger Games series. One thing the two books have in common is that they are both fairly easy to read. The vocabulary level is easy and I feel I could be reading [...]

    20. Spencer PerssonE Block11/18/12Banned Book For the banned book unit I choose “Box Out” by John Coy. This book was an excellent book, and it has been one of the best books I have ever read, and I would recommend this book to everyone. There are three main reasons why I would recommend this book: it's very surprising, keeps you hooked, and it's an involved book. If you don't think about what has happened in the book, then you wont understand what happens later on in the book. In Liam's first v [...]

    21. I had the absolute pleasure of hearing John Coy speak in the Children's Materials class in the MLIS program a few weeks ago, and he had a lot of very interesting things to say about the state of boys interest in reading. What he said wasn't a big secret; boys are not really into reading these days, and haven't been for a very long time. Reading scores back up this fact, and what's more is that boys who don't read when they're young turn into men who don't read later in life. Coy suggested that i [...]

    22. Box out is about a high school sophomore named Liam Bergstrom who plays on his high school basketball team. He plays Junior Varsity ,but due to an injury to one of the varsity players he has been bumped up to varsity. The main reason why their coach, Mr. Kloss, moved him to varsity instead of Liam’s best friend, Seth Crowley, is because Liam has a good talent for rebounding, and that is what they need on varsity. He also has a girlfriend who currently moved from his school to France for about [...]

    23. I would recommend the book Box Out by John Coy to a friend because it is an inspiring novel that takes place in the present day suburbs, about a boy named Liam who made varsity basketball as a sophomore, and is not afraid to do the right thing by telling about his coach praying before games, even if it means risking a spot on the team. There are many reasons as to why I would recommend this book. Even though there are several scenes of violence in this story, it should not be banned because it i [...]

    24. I liked my book Box Out because it talked alot about betrayal and how people will only be used to benefit someone else.It also expresses how people change to seek what they want.Even though eventually people will get fed up and realize the truth or may speak up for themselves and can get the cold shoulder.For example,Liam Bergstroms coach only chooses him to join the varsity basketball team,because he would replace another senior who is injured,while the other players were actually chosen becaus [...]

    25. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooLiam Bergstrom is one lucky sophomore. The varsity coach is bringing him up from JV to rebound for the varsity. Another player's bad luck (an injury) has become good luck for Liam.When he starts practicing with the varsity, he gives it everything he has. He wants to make his mark on the team because of his ability, not just because of his height. The coach seems impressed, and Liam spends a fair amount of time off the bench and right in [...]

    26. John Coy's book, Box out, is one of the best books I have ever read. I say this because it is about standing up for yourself and doing what is right, instead of being a follower and letting something bad continue. The story Is about a freshman basketball player named Liam who gets called up to play on the varsity team. This puts a lot of pressure on him because he is just a freshman, and when you are a freshman you usually do not talk to much because you could be a little shy. He is given a big [...]

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