Attrazione gravitazionale

Attrazione gravitazionale Attirato da una misteriosa richiesta di soccorso l equipaggio della nave mercantile Hermes trova alla deriva nello spazio un vascello militare in apparenza vuoto Al suo interno sangue e resti umani

  • Title: Attrazione gravitazionale
  • Author: AngelMartinez Victor Millais
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Attirato da una misteriosa richiesta di soccorso, l equipaggio della nave mercantile Hermes trova alla deriva nello spazio un vascello militare in apparenza vuoto Al suo interno, sangue e resti umani imbrattano i corridoi e vi un unico sopravvissuto, rinchiuso in una cella di custodia L uomo, bellissimo ma traumatizzato, attira l attenzione dell addetto alle comunicaAttirato da una misteriosa richiesta di soccorso, l equipaggio della nave mercantile Hermes trova alla deriva nello spazio un vascello militare in apparenza vuoto Al suo interno, sangue e resti umani imbrattano i corridoi e vi un unico sopravvissuto, rinchiuso in una cella di custodia L uomo, bellissimo ma traumatizzato, attira l attenzione dell addetto alle comunicazioni della nave, Isaac Ozawa, che decide di prendersene cura, offrendogli la gentilezza e il calore di cui l altro ha bisogno dopo gli orrori vissuti Isaac ha imparato sulla propria pelle cosa significhi essere diverso, essere un emarginato, e questo rafforza il loro legame Un tempo pilota promettente, ha subito dei danni fisici dopo che il suo cervello non riuscito a fondersi con l impianto necessario a pilotare i potenti caccia della Flotta Il cervello di Turk non da meno Come risultato di un esperimento militare fallito, le sue naturali capacit sono state aumentate a livelli pericolosi Quando un ammiraglio senza morale e assetato di potere rapisce Isaac, usandolo per convincere Turk a diventare l arma catastrofica che ha sempre sognato, saranno necessari tutta la forza di Turk, l ingegnosit dell equipaggio della Hermes , l aiuto degli enigmatici Drak tar e la testardaggine dello stesso Isaac per riuscire a salvare l intero universo.

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    1. AngelMartinez Victor Millais

      Angel Martinez currently lives part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware and full time inside her head She has one husband, one son, two cats, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate Angel s alter ego writes the all ages science fiction Sandra Stixrude.


    1. This was a solid 4 stars read for me. Lots of angst and raw emotions yet enticing and beautiful. There’s one thing I don’t understand about this book though. While it’s showing only about 270 pages here in GR, it’s actually described as 596 pages on and I think the latter is true. This is a bit too long for merely over 200 pages count. Ok enough blubbering and here comes the review. 😁Issac is a former Altarian pilot. In this universe, the pilots are implanted with symbionts in their [...]

    2. This review sucks."Nicely-done, with really good flashes of elegance, and of nuance."That's all this review says.Like that even means anything.©2013 JAG ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NO PORTION OF THIS REVIEW MAY BE REUSED OR RETRANSMITTED WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION YOU SHADY MOTHERFUCKERS

    3. 4.5 stars. This is a science fiction/romance with a nice amount of plot, but the emphasis is definitely on the romance. It begins as a fairly conventional smaller-damaged-man (Isaac) and larger-strong-love-interest (Turk) romance. But the setting and plot are imaginative and fast-moving, and the dynamics of the relationship do shift and become more interesting over the course of the story. There is a fated-mate component, driving the speed with which the two men fall for each other. That's a tro [...]

    4. Not going to finish this. Big Gorgeous Uber-Alpha with a gentle soul and Small Beautiful Wounded Heart Beta whom everybody just adores. Everybody is good and honorable and understanding, except the one token bad guy who wants to ruthlessly exploit Big Gorgeous Uber-Alpha for his special mind powers. All the good peoples are just shocked by any use of violence and thankfully even the fighter pilot working for the evil Admiral escapes his plane just before BGUA is forced to rip it to shreds with h [...]

    5. Tricked. Bamboozled, I tell you. *grunts* The beginning of this book is so dark and gritty that I felt a delightful shiver rundown my spine.The numbers and symbols flashing across his internal display didn't keep him from seeing the gore strewn about the corridors, as if some gruesome human abattoir had suffered a catastrophic explosion. Hello. I am so ready for this twisted tale to unfold. But what began in the pitch black ends with rainbows and sunshine O_oI loved the characters. All of them. [...]

    6. 3.75 stars. Quite an entertaining space adventure where the action moves from a deep space freighter to an alien planet. Turk is a Corzin, an alien warrior, found alone on a drifting spaceship, surrounded by the dead bodies of his shipmates. How he survived is a mystery. Rescued by the crew of the Hermes he is drawn to Isaac, the ship's Communications Officer. Isaac was a space-pilot but an implant designed to allow him to bond with his spacecraft malfunctioned leaving him unstable and bitter. T [...]

    7. 4.5 starsAs much as I adore Science Fiction in television (Star Trek! SG1!) and films (Star Wars! Star Trek!) I'm not a huge fan of SciFi M/M romance. I've only read a handful and other than the F.I.S.T.S. series, they haven't done a whole lot for me.Gravitation Attraction has been on my must read classics list for years. I finally read my copy (the original version I bought from Silver Publishing, those bastards) and really enjoyed it!While I was expecting an outer-space adventure, this was rea [...]

    8. Wow! This is an amazing sci-fi story that swept me away into a world of crooked fleet officers, men valiantly fighting for their freedom and the right not to become ‘experiments’, and an alien race that has a very interesting way of looking at life. The combination between a fascinating view of a potential future and hot romance between men I quickly grew to care for was as spell-binding as the world they live in.Isaac is a communications officer with a problem: a malfunctioning brain implan [...]

    9. DNF at 27%, so no rating.Right from the start, I didn’t engage in this story and found the characters and the dialogue a bit…”childish” (?!? That’s the best word I can find to express how I felt).It had some pretty good reviews, so it must be a case of “it’s me, not the book”. However, as I keep picking it up and putting it down, it’s time for me to give up.

    10. When I first started this story, I really had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into. I knew it was scifi but beyond that, I was left in the dark. What I found when I read this book was an intriguing, captivating, suspenseful and beautiful story. From the beginning I was enamored and drawn into the book, I didn't want to put it down and I ended up devouring the story so fast I was left bereft when I had nothing left to read. Not because the story lacked anything but because I just wanted [...]

    11. I just finished Gravitational Attraction. It really was very different than what I was expecting. Which wasn't a bad thing, though. About the first 40% of the story was a very sweet romance in a way that surprised. I thought it would be more a rakish merc and humanoid military romance, a bit more on the darker side, gritty. I mean there is a torture scene in the book, but it still is rather sweet and you get attached to those characters, especially the MCs. It's all very "comfort zone", even wit [...]

    12. Wow just WoWAngel Martinez where the hell have you been How can you have so many books out and I did not know you before this book? I love it when I discover a fantastic new author that has a good amount of back catalog for me to get lost reading for some time.I am like some tween fangirl and I get all smoopy and am practically twirling my hair and batting eyes at Ms. Martinez's work. Which is so wrong because She writes such powerful and moving and yes in some cases dark tales. Actions have con [...]

    13. OMG FABULOUS!!! *happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!* I absolutely adored this book. Turk is just this hunk of sexy alpha male full of honor and Isaac…what can I say? The most adorable snarky bit of a bottom ever, and never once loses his man card!Isaac has struggled since being honorably discharged for not bonding fully with his implant. But unlike other unsuccessful pairings Isaac hasn’t taken his own life. Instead he’s managed to find work working as a comms officer on a private spac [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book, as it helped me channel a bit of my inner Firefly awesome nerdiness. The world building was fantastic and Martinez has a great flair for description. The love story was wonderfully told and I liked the set up for what I assume will be a sequel.A few things kept from being five stars, the first of which is the fact that with a fantasy world, came the requisite other-worldly languages that were quoted throughout the book. Only when I reached the end of the book was ther [...]

    15. 4.5 stars.This is easily my favorite of Angel Martinez's books that I have read so far. The two main characters are strong yet scarred, physically and emotionally, men, who must strive against the odds to overcome their past and present traumas to gain love and a future together. It is a pretty evenly paced novel, with lots of action and adventure nicely balanced by softer tender moments mixed with some steamy scenes. Their journey together gives them the courage to learn and accept their own fl [...]

    16. Every time I start a M/M Romance novel I never know quite want to expect. Gravitational Attraction ended up being a very pleasant surprise. The story drew me in and held my attention for all 419 pages. The plot was well written and imaginative. I'm going to have to a serious look at other titles by this author. I very much recommend this title to everyone. A great read!

    17. *4,5 stars*I could probably count on one hand how much sci-fi romance I've read. I like sci-fi in films and was brought up with Star Trek, but for some reason this has never translated into reading books of this genre.This, however, was pretty amazing. The world building is nothing short of brilliant. There is such wealth of imagination and depth of detail I was bawled over with it all. I would be lying if I said I understood all the techno talk (Not sure that is the point anyway), and of course [...]

    18. Beautiful, beautiful story! With beautiful, romantic and brave MCs!First, I have to tell you thatKaterinaspoilt me! She did! In her review, she put EXACTLYthe quotesthat I marked while reading. Some of the most beautiful quotes I've read. AND, what's more important, I pictured Turk and Isaac with the faces/people fromher photos.My MCs were her MCs. (Because those guys from the cover? Honsetly?)So, really, Kat, thank you! For recommending this book to me and for your great review !!!I just want t [...]

    19. It is one thing to write a good romance novel with strong likeable characters who draw you in and create a magical relationship between you the reader and the story. It is even more rare to find that story sparking your imagination and prompting you to dwell there, making the characters come alive as if they were a part of your life. You have been drawn into the novel in a way that is most satisfying! When you find an author who does a good job in this, they are worth their weight in gold. Howev [...]

    20. “How many stars does night sew into her blanket? Can you count them? Can you count them? One to sweep day’s dust away, one to call the moons to play….”This book had everything. It was exciting, had a beautiful love story and held its excellent standards from start to finish. A book which captivates you from the first page and which can not be put down anymore.An all time favorite of mine and a book that I will read again later.Paul's review speaks out of my heart. Thanks, Paul, that I fo [...]

    21. The crew of the Hermes responds to a mysterious distress signal from a ship left drifting in space. It appears to be empty, but upon closer inspection there seems to be one possible life sign - a survivor. Isaac Ozawa, the ship's communication officer, and a team of others are sent to rescue whoever might be left alive and see if they can figure out what happened.What Isaac finds is a bloody mess throughout the ship, and one lone man locked in a holding cell. A giant of a man whom he coaxes out [...]

    22. Welp, this started out well enough with the tension and characters with individual personalities, including humor and appropriate for the moment seriousness. The humor remained, as well as the characters, but not much of the tension, at least not for me. I think this is mostly due to the endearments and light-hearted dialogue during many of the heavier, action or battle scenes. This tended to dilute the density that should have been there.The writing style is smooth, I like it and felt comfortab [...]

    23. This was an interested sci-fi read. It's wasn't my typical read, so it was a bit strange in the beginning, but I was soon enthralled by the story. The book won't be for everyone, but I think fans of science fiction and aliens will love this. People who enjoy reading sweet romances and can read anything will love this book.The couple were really sweet together, sometimes I was confused when Isaac would get snarky with Turk, and be all lovey dovey at the same time. If you can get past the insta-lo [...]

    24. 5 STARRY SCI-FI STARSThere is just something really special about this book, there is such a lack of M/M sci-fi which just made it even better.I loved everything from the writing style, creative plot and all of the characters from the main characters to the lessor characters who all still had huge roles throughout this fantastic novel.For me it was just one of those books you just didn't want to end.When Issac Ozawa, who's been honourably discharged from the military as fighter pilot, due to a b [...]

    25. Wow! This is an amazing science fiction story that swept me away into a world of crooked fleet officers, men valiantly fighting for their freedom and the right not to become ‘experiments’, and an alien race that has a very interesting way of looking at life. The combination of a fascinating view of a potential future and a hot romance between two men whom I quickly grew to care for was as spell-binding as the world they live in.Isaac is a communications officer with a problem: a malfunctioni [...]

    26. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ Angel Martinez pulled a great sci-fi winner out of her hat with this book. Isaac Ozawa is a lonely communications officer on the Hermes. The ship picks up a distress signal from a government ship and heads in to investigate. What the rescue team finds is something out of a horror movie. The ship is deserted and there are shredded body parts all over. One lone survivor is found traumatized in a holding cell and is taken back to the Hermes. Isaac tak [...]

    27. Monthly buddy read with Ingela and Andrea, thank you Ladies as usual ((Hugs)), a bundle of laughsever, the story only gets 3.5 stars from me.I liked the characters a lot especially that He-Man Turk, and the world building was good too, but for me the story was too long and dragged in the middle. You just knew that the bad guy would get his comeuppanced yes, I can spot 'em a mile off Admiral Ranulf, but my interest in the story waned due to its length, and I know that Andrea came to the same conc [...]

    28. DNF - Read 66% 2014 but never finishedTo finish some dayAnother buddy-read with my lovely friends and BR-ladies Bev and Andrea. out in space again - I hope for an exciting, enjoying and heartbreaking nice M/M story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buddy Read with Bev and Andrea from January 6, 2014.

    29. An excellent Sci-fi read. I love the books were the threat to the romance is external and not the internal drama. The world (galaxy) was rich and the cultures vibrantly diverse. Add in danger, polical intrigue, space battles , and a solid romance that wins the day and I was caught. I loved it and wished it was a series so that I could read some more.

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