April Raintree

April Raintree A revised version of the novel In Search of April Raintree written specifically for students in grades through Through her characterization of two young sisters who are removed from their family

  • Title: April Raintree
  • Author: Beatrice Mosionier Beatrice Culleton Mosionier
  • ISBN: 9780919143036
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • A revised version of the novel In Search of April Raintree, written specifically for students in grades 9 through 12 Through her characterization of two young sisters who are removed from their family, the author poignantly illustrates the difficulties that many Aboriginal people face in maintaining a positive self identity.

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    1. There are some things we should read about from an intellectual point of view to make us educated and aware. Then there are issues that require good citizens to put aside their own lives for a few hours and experience the choices and feelings of someone else. Anyone living in Canada today needs to understand the Metis and our First Nations people at a deeper level. I like the original title best. "In Search of April Raintree" really captures the essence of the story. Searching. Questions. Confus [...]

    2. I'm incredibly embarrassed that I had never heard of this story before, but I am so appreciative that it crossed my path.Beginning in 1950's Manitoba, this is the story of April and Cheryl Raintree, two sisters placed into the foster care system and struggling with their Metis identity. Although the characters are fictional, the racially charged stereotypes and prejudice that the Raintree sisters encounter is 100% accurate. I especially liked how Beatrice Culleton creates in her two main protago [...]

    3. "April Raintree" is very interesting and is one of the best books I have ever read. It contains a lot of conflict and deals with the issues facing people today such as racism, alcoholoism, rape, and prostitution. I enjoyed how descriptive and true to life the book is. I haven't come across any books that are better at talking about these issues. This book is good at describing the conflict between white and Metis people of the time. The book describes the image of native people as being dirty al [...]

    4. I thought April Raintree was a very good book and it showed lots of different emotions and how people have to cope with all the problems that life throws at them. I really liked all the twists and turns that was shown in this book and how the two sisters relationship changed throughtout the story. This book gave me a better understnading of how some people live in the world and how lucky i am to have the life that i do. I felt sorry for both April and Cheryl in some parts of the book because of [...]

    5. I really liked this book! It gives the reader great insight into what many Metis people have to go through in their lives. There were many times in this book that I figured that things for April and Cheryl couldn't get much worse, and then the author throws in another curve ball. You don't want to think about the fact that the events in their lives are actually happening to lots of people every day. I think it's a good thing that this book is written from April's point of view, because the emoti [...]

    6. I have completed the book "April Raintree". This book is quite interesting. It is filled with many conflicts, and lots of discrimination towards the two main characters (April, and Cheryl). In this book there is a lot of racism towards Indians, and Metis people. This book teaches you the things that people go through in life, and how they deal with it.

    7. I read excerpts from the original, In Search of April Raintree, when I was in high school. At that time, I recall finding the section my teacher chose being drearily depressing. Right now, I'm working on creating materials for a blended English course, and this version, entitled simplyApril Raintree, written one year after the original at the request of educators wanting more classroom-friendly content, is one of the options vetted and available to me according to more than one book list I'm enc [...]

    8. This book has a lot of different issues in it. These range from people getting raped to people not getting along in foster homes and also parents and children fighting. I thought that this book was ok and I enjoyed some aspects of the book like when April and Cheryl would get together after being in their foster homes. Things I didn't like about the book was when April and Cheryl had to go to the DeRosiers and had to leave the Dions. I also didn't like it when April and Cheryls parents did't com [...]

    9. I thought that April Raintree was a very good book! It had a lot of action going on that always made me wanting to keep reading. I never wanted to put the book down, and that's very rare for me because i'm not usually much of a reader. But that just shows how much i enjoyed it. At times, its a very emotional book. April was half my age and she'd already gone more stuff than i ever hope i have to go through in my life. But April handled it very maturely and that's something to be proud of! Some o [...]

    10. I thought that April Raintree was an amazing book, that always had me sitting on the edge of my seat! It was a really inspirational book, and really hit me deep. It can be a very emotional book, dealing with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual pain. The book is about 2 half-breeds that are trying to make it through society, while facing so many problems because of their past and who they are. If you connect well to books easily because you put yourself in the characters shoes then this wo [...]

    11. I didn't especially enjoy this book. It is about two metis sisters who struggle with their identity and that of their culture. This book covers many uncomefortable issues (rape,prostitution,suicide,ect.) I would not recommend this book to anyone looking to read a "clean" story. People who have been abused or have issues with indians may find this book difficult as it slashed open many healed scars for me. These same people may find comfort in this book in seeing that they are not alone in their [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading "April Raintree"! This book focuses on violence and racism. The characters are so dynamic and so true to life. I had felt sympathy for April and Cheryl, for all the events that have been ensued in their lives. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy reading dramatic and heart touching novels.

    13. This was an amazing book. It really opens you up to realize all of these horrible things in the world and how people don't really do much to help. I hope people would read this book to see the really atrocious things that are happening. I highly recommend this book to anyone because it is just truly amazing and it makes you actually feel like you are almost in the scene.

    14. I thought was very good. i think who are into true stories would really like this book becuse it is based on a true story, this book always kept me interested there was not one page were i wanted to stop reading, my eyes were glued to the book the whole time, i think they should make a movie of this book because it does take place in Canada and i think the movie would be really interesting.

    15. I thought that April Raintree was an alright book. i liked how in the book it demonstrates the discrimination that white people have against aboriginal people and the discrimination that aboriginal people have against white people.

    16. A story of reality. Colonization. 60s scoop. Systems afoul. Life. A poignant story of two sisters trying to survive barriers placed in front of them, year after year.

    17. Halfway through I thought this book was just OK. Then I read a bit about the author and I started reading it as though I was reading letters from Mosionir. The book really reads more like a collection of letters or a diary. Reading it that way made it very moving. The second half is quite gritty and often hard to read. Ultimately it's a hopeful story but this hope comes with a heavy dose of pain.

    18. I haven't read a book that made me shed a tear, until I read this one. The harsh reality of our First Nation people and how our women are treated is made very aware in this book. I appreciated the blunt honesty and truthfulness that the author shared.

    19. "All life dies to give new life"I'm working with this book on my university research and I'm so glad to have chosen Beatrice Culleton as the author I want to work with. This book is extremely difficult to read at times because the things that happen make you feel extremely sad and disgusted with the world. I started reading with a smile on my face because I was so happy to be in contact with the book. I cried reading chapter 3 and felt my stomach turn while reading April's rape scene. Needless t [...]

    20. After having read this around the time I was twelve and plenty I re-reads after that. But it's been six years I last read the novel. I decided to pick it up again, not the new edited version but the first edition I stole from my aunt's collection's of stolen school books. Yes, she was book-kleptomaniac. From what people had told me of their opinions of certain aspects of rape, abuse, alcoholism and prostitution, it's too gritty for them or just too much. I don't fault them on that. There were ti [...]

    21. * I will warn that the matter in this book may trigger some people. It contains rape, abuse, suicide and alcoholism. * April Raintree is being republished in July of 2016, it was originally published in 1984. It is an adapted version of In Search of April Raintree for kids in high school. While it is a story of a reality that many people should be aware of, the subject matter is incredibly heavy for those in high school and younger. This is a story set in Canada and inspired from the author's ow [...]

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