Dead North

Dead North With her cabin a pile of ashes and her life in pieces champion Alaskan musher Jessie Arnold has gratefully accepted a friend s proposal that she drive his motor home up from Idaho along the Alaska H

  • Title: Dead North
  • Author: Sue Henry
  • ISBN: 9780380816842
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • With her cabin a pile of ashes and her life in pieces, champion Alaskan musher Jessie Arnold has gratefully accepted a friend s proposal that she drive his motor home up from Idaho, along the Alaska Highway a breathtaking, two thousand mile long route winding past hot springs, glaciers, and ice blue lakes.But the idyllic trip takes a dark turn when a teenage hitchhiker bWith her cabin a pile of ashes and her life in pieces, champion Alaskan musher Jessie Arnold has gratefully accepted a friend s proposal that she drive his motor home up from Idaho, along the Alaska Highway a breathtaking, two thousand mile long route winding past hot springs, glaciers, and ice blue lakes.But the idyllic trip takes a dark turn when a teenage hitchhiker brings terror aboard Frightened and alone, Patrick Cutler disappears just before the police inform Jessie that the young runaway is wanted in connection with two shocking murders Suddenly she is cast into a raging maelstrom of dark secrets and deadly consequences And the cold and empty road she s traveling could be leading her not to her homebut to a grave in the trackless wilderness.

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    1. Sue Henry

      Sue Henry is the author of six novels in her award winning Alaska mystery series Murder on the Iditarod Trail, Termination Dust, Sleeping Lady, Death Takes Passage, Deadfall, and Murder on the Yukon Quest She has lived in Alaska for almost aquarter of a century, and brings history, Alaskan lore, and the majestic beauty of the vast landscape to her mysteries Based in Anchorage, where she teaches writing at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, she is currently at work on the next book in this series.


    1. Sue Henry takes her main character, Alaskan 'musher' on the road with only one of her dogs. While waiting to begin rebuilding her log cabin that was burned to the ground, Jessie Arnold agrees to drive a friend's motor home up from Idaho to Alaska. Jessie sees it as an opportunity for a relaxing adventure but true to all mystery books -- this adventure turns potential deadly.Jessie makes a new friend on the trip, and they meet a frightened teenager who is fleeing to Alaska. The two women can't se [...]

    2. This is the 3rd I have read from the Jessie Arnold series. Enjoyable and more like a thriller than a cozy mystery. Features Jessie and her sled dog Tank and Maxie and her dachshund Stretch that she meets while traveling in an RV. Add in a teen on the run and friendly trucker and you have a diverse group of characters. Starts in the lower 48 states and travels through Canada and ends in Alaska. Henry’s writing style is very descriptive and you can picture the scenery along the way; just like yo [...]

    3. A nice and easy read, but a bit disappointing as this installment doesn't take place in Alaska which is pretty much why I considered this series. Definitely not a cozy mystery but an enjoyable one, it kept me reading. Unfortunately Jessie Arnold is no Kate Shugak and Sue Henry is definitely not as good as Dana Stabenow and after reading her series everything (Alaskan mystery) will be compared to that standard.

    4. This is the 8th book of Sue Henry's I've read. Keeps me looking forward to another book. I'ven read Sue's other books with Maxine & her dog Stretch. It really made the book fun & interesting that both Jessie & Maxine met up. Love that there is just enough mystery in the book to keep you wanting to turn another page & really look forward to picking the book up again. But not a gruesome kind of mystery that you can't read before going to bed at night. Loved it!

    5. The mystery is pretty light fare, about a teenage boy, Patrick, who goes on the run after being falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. Jesse Arnold, an Iditarod dog sled racer, does a favor for a friend by flying down to Coeur d'Alene to pick up a Winnebago motor home and drive it back to Wasilla. What I really loved about this book was the description of Jesse's drive from Canada to Alaska along the famous Alaskan Highway. I've never been on that road this book makes me want to go. The na [...]

    6. Jessie Arnold's home in Alaska has been destroyed by an arsonist. The weather isn't good enough yet to pour the basement for her new home so she agrees to fly to Idaho to drive his newly purchased motor home back to Alaska. She meets up with Maxie, a woman who has traveled by camper for the three years since her husband's death. They, in turn, meet up with a young man who is hitchhiking to Alaska from Wyoming. The young man has something to hide and when a young man is murdered in the campground [...]

    7. My daughter pulled this book off the shelf at the library, and said, "This is a good one for you mommy!" Thinking yea right I appesed her by reading the back cover. It actually sounded good, so I brought it home. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. The way the author describes the road trip to Alaska was so beautiful and vivid. I really wanted to travel there, in a motor home and see it myself.The story itself was good as well. Very suspenseful. I also really enjoyed the character [...]

    8. Great descriptions of the Alaskan Highway. Great twist when Sue Henry's other heroine, Maxine and her dog Stretch ) meet up with Jesse Arnold and her husky, Tank to help a runaway they encounter while staying in aRV park on their way home to Parmer and Homer, Alaska. Felt like got a great sense of what the Alaskan highway is all about- I'm ready for a trip . Might even be fun to rent a Winnebago for a couple of weeks.No worries, just the highway and spectacular scenery and unknown adventures.

    9. Jesse Arnold is asked by a friend to drive his motor home back from the US lower 48 to Alaska and the trip becomes fraught with danger, including murder. Jesse is unsure if she will make it back home safely and even though she meets a couple of new friends along the way is turns into a dangerous drive.

    10. Mystery novel about a woman and her champion sled dog traveling alone in a RV on the Alaska Highway. As murders, strangers and dark secrets are intangled in her travels, you are kept on the edge of your seat, but at the same time gives the reader a beautiful armchair travel log.I finished the book, wanting to travel along the Alaska Highway.

    11. Ah, I love Sue Henry's Alaska Mysteries! I could only give this one 4 stars, because Alex isn't in it aside from a brief hint. It's been a few months since I read them all, (somehow I missed this one before) and it's made me want to again :D. Jessie is amazing, and I totally love Maxie! As usual, Tank is the epitome of dogs!

    12. We traveled the Alaska Highway about a year after I read this book. This was both an inspiration and my guidebook for the trip. What fun to recognize places and seek out others mentioned in the book.

    13. Mystery Book Group choice. Good description of driving AlCan highway; some loose ends, especially regarding Butch Stinger, but these may be resolved in later titles in the series.

    14. This was a lanky book, fun to listen to whilst driving, and I thought often of my mother who seems independent and spunky like Maxine.

    15. When is a road trip a mystery? When several people are heading to Alaska with a madman searching for one of them. Lots of sights and adventure on this trip.

    16. I haven't read Sue Henry for years, but may have to go back and try to read some from the past, because I really did enjoy reading this one

    17. In the last novel, Jessie's house was destroyed. It is being rebuilt when a friend offers her the proposition of a road trip. He has bought an RV in Idaho and needs it driven to Alaska. Jessie thinks this sounds like a fun vacation and the chance to take a leisurely drive while stopping whenever it strikes her. The views are beautiful and she meets a nice lady travelling the same direction as well as a kindly truck driver. She also meets a runaway teenage boy who brings unwanted excitement to th [...]

    18. This book had quite an enthralling style, with a few moments where I got the traditional "LURCHING forward in your seat in nail-biting anticipation" feeling. However, there were many, many points where I had to skim forward a page because of some long-wound character or land description. I already know perfectly well - for the hundredth time already - what the Canadian landscape looks like along that particular track to Alaska, and I picked up this book for a murder mystery, not a geology lesson [...]

    19. Another suspense filled Jessie Arnold story with Maxie and Stretch thrown in for good measure. I was going to make it last for a few days reading slowly. That did not happen. I put it down the first day to get some sleep then picked it up and finished it the next morning. I could not put it down. The details oh the road traveled and scenery was such that I want to make that trip myself.Another suspense filled Jessie Arnold novel with the added pleasure of Maxie and Stretch. The details of the ro [...]

    20. Plenty of action along the road to Alaska, this mystery is a fun, light read. Alaskan musher, Jessie Arnold takes a short job driving a new Winnebago from Coeur d' Alene to Alaska and discovers adventures along the way. If you've ever driven the route, you'll identify with parts of the story; a body found floating in Laird Hot Springs, for example. In addition to the bad guys, there's Maxie and Stretch--a 60 something and her dachshund that make up the cast. Where's book #9?

    21. I simply enjoyed reading this one - the "mystery" wasn't much and the ended left more loose ends than resolutions, but I LOVED reading about Jessie and Maxie cruising up the Alaska Highway in their RVs and wishing I was there too

    22. Sue Henry outdid herself this time! I loved this book! Jesse Arnold travels the Alaska Highway with lots of adventure along the way. It was great reading about places I've been to along the Alaska Highway and I learned about places I haven't been to. Great read! I'm ready to drive it again!

    23. For a murder mystery, this was surprisingly low-key. Fun to vicariously travel the length of the Great Alaska Highway, though.

    24. This is the best in the series so far. Jessie travels through Canada and Alaska, not behind a dog team but in a motor home. This is both a chase, a mystery and a travelog.

    25. This was a great book to read while traveling the Alaska Highway. It's a fun, light read and I'm definitely going to check out others in the series.

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