Shadow's Master

Shadow s Master A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life Armed only with his knives and his companions he plunges into

  • Title: Shadow's Master
  • Author: Jon Sprunk
  • ISBN: 9781616146054
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life Armed only with his knives and his companions, he plunges into a world of eternal night where the sun is never seen and every hand is turned against him Caim has buried his father s sword and found some measure of peace, but deep in tA land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life Armed only with his knives and his companions, he plunges into a world of eternal night where the sun is never seen and every hand is turned against him Caim has buried his father s sword and found some measure of peace, but deep in the north an unfathomable power lies waiting To succeed on this mission, Caim will have to do than just survive He must face the Shadow s Master With this novel, Jon Sprunk brings his action packed trilogy to an epic conclusion.

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      Fantasy author living in central Pennsylvania I love to travel especially places with old ruins , watch football American NFL, not that soccer stuff , drink rum and coke, preferred , and enjoy life.


    1. In my first review for this series (for Shadow's Son), I made a big deal about assassins. The main character is Caim, an assassin above and beyond the rest. He's not only able to use the shadows around him to his advantage, but he also has an invisible friend (I said invisible not imaginary), Kit, who helps him out and warns him of hidden dangers.By book three (that's this one), Caim and the story itself have evolved into much more than an "assassin" tale. Yes, his assassin skills continually co [...]

    2. I didn't start out hating this book. I can't say I loved this series, but it had some interesting elements and it kept me reading despite the cliche characters.However this book took a turn for the worst.Shadow's Master is split into two story lines. It follows Caim as he journeys to the North in search of his mother, who disappeared when he was really young and he assumed was dead. It also follows Josey as she rules over her new kingdom that is already being threatened by war as the people adju [...]

    3. The cover is out! For those out of the loop this is the old and new one for comparison, respectively:Can't say I'm too upset about the final version. Even though it looks like Caim's makeup artist slathered a generous amount of mascara upon him (seriously. What is up with that villainous stare? He's an assassin, not the devil), I much prefer the new version to the old. His pose in the old version is too awkward and icky, Kit looks lost and copypasted on and the stars behind them give off a starr [...]

    4. The third book in Mr. Sprunk’s Shadow Saga, Shadow’s Master delivers a satisfactory conclusion to the series. Thank goodness. Not that I didn’t like the Caim’s story and world, but damn the man took a beating and kept on ticking. He needs a break!The book opens with shadows. Of course. And picks up pretty much right after the events in the second book, Shadow’s Lure. Caim has just killed is aunt (think: evil witch of the far north) and is heading north to find some answers about his or [...]

    5. The final installment in the story of the scion of darkness - Caim Du'Vartha - and I'm struggling a little to find positive things to say about it. I'm mostly glad I got to the finish line. It's not a bad epic, but I get the feeling it will be appreciated more inside the genre than by readers unfamiliar with fantasy tropes, especially with this recent popular direction towards bad-ass protagonists that are very very good at killing people. I don't like to get nasty about a new author, but I got [...]

    6. North, the road always leads north. In the final installment of the Shadow Saga, Caim, guided by an irresistable pull, and his companions travel north in search of his mother where they will finally encounter the Lord of the Shadows.This was the best of the series and that is high praise because I thought Shadow's Son and Shadow's Lure were fantastic themselves. I could not put this one down. The pace increased at break-neck speed to the point that the last five chapters had me breathless with a [...]

    7. I thought this book was pretty good, but it fell apart for me at the end, mostly due to how the love triangle was handled. I admit I was more pro Caim/Josey than Caim/Kit, in part because the Kit relationship felt very forced to me. I was really looking forward to Caim and Josey's reunion, and when it happens, it's like two strangers are having a quick sip of tea and that's it. Josey's pregnancy, a major plot catalyst and catalyst for Caim's character, is merely stashed under the rug--Caim never [...]

    8. A rather weak ending. The pacing was good up until about 80% through the book, at which point everything felt rushed to give some form of closure.As with the previous book, the Josephine chapters still served no purpose. Unfortunately, as this is the last book in the series, they now feel like nothing more than filler and as a way to justify the last few pages of the book.

    9. Jon doesn't hold back here in this third book. He starts with a fight scene 13 pages in and a death less than that. Awesome. We find ourselves on a journey with three different POV's; Caim, Josey, and Balaam. Caim and Josey are both familiar to use and we have followed them for a time now. Balaam is new and follows suit with a shadow character's POV we get. Last book was Sybelle, this time with Balaam. All three go looking for one thing, and seem to find what they need instead.****FULL REVIEW*** [...]

    10. The end of this saga, and I do like that fact because a trilogy can be so good. Only 3 books and an ending close by. At the same time it's really sad, because it's only 3 books.At the beginning of this book Caim is heading north, into unknown territory and everywhere there is danger, eternal darkness and the cold. With him he has 3 men. One who does not talk much, and two who only want wenches. Will he find his mother is the question, the Shadow's Master? And how on earth will he survive? becaus [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and this final book. While the first book was my favorite, Shadow's Master had a lot going for it. Sprunk's action as always is top notch and so are his descriptions and setting. Caim, I got into right away and was totally engrossed, watching as he follows blindly into the teeth of danger.This time around, I found myself less attached to Josey. Something about her felt lacking. This may have been because I was so into Caim. Then there was the questionable feats s [...]

    12. Again, two storylines: Caim's and Josey's. But where Josey kept growing on me more and more with every book, Caim became less and less likable over time.In book one, I really liked Caim. In book two, he made me frown most of the time. And in book three? He turned into an irresponsible, selfish dick. Just how many time did he ponder abandoning his friends in the wastes? And his relationship with Kit? Cringe-worthy.Kit was a flighty, spoiled brat who didn't think about anything but her own desires [...]

    13. An excellent end to the trilogy, the protagonist Caim is one of my favourite characters alongside David Dalglish's the Watcher, Isak from the twilight reign, Locke Lamora, the painted man & the bloody nine from the first law trilogy.Caim and his band set out for the northern wastelands and the shadowlands in search of his mother and an irresistible pull calling him to the shadow citadel. The first two thirds of the book encompass the journey and Josey's own calling North to catch up with Cai [...]

    14. I know that Caim and Josey are fictional characters, but I have some steam build up, so here it goesSorry guys-_- The whole saga is well written but I have some reservations about the plotAnd that is how it ends?! If that is the case, then Caim is one big son of a *peep*d that Josey- you traveled that far because of Caim, to tell him the news and when you see him, you keep quiet???? You should go and ritually kill yourselfI just wish I knew the ending before I read it all, I never would've read [...]

    15. Szerettem a könyvet, mert izgalmas, nyomasztó, drámai fordulatokkal teli és a szerelmi szál is kedvemre való. De a vérívással nem tudtam megbarátkozni, túl hosszúnak éreztem az észak felé tartó menetelést és nagyon hiányoltam egy epilógust a történet végén. Olyan jó lett volna egy pár évvel későbbi jelenetet látni, amiben kiderült volna, hogy a könyv szereplői hogyan élik az életüket, mi lett velük.Szóval nekem az epilógus hiánya miatt picit lezáratlan ma [...]

    16. Na knize se mi líbilo, že byl děj psán třemi různými pohledy. Abych řekla pravdu, tak v tomto díle jsem si víc oblíbila pohled Josefíny. Víc se toho u ní událo. Caim jen cestoval, občas někoho zabil, a celkově byl jeho pohled méně záživný. Děj byl předvídatelný, ale o to více mě překvapil návrat postav z minulého dílu, které jsem nečekala. Co bych knize vytkla, tak právě tu Caimovu část, děj jen pomalu plynul a moc zásadních věcí se tam nedělo. Jon Sp [...]

    17. 4,5 csillagi van jó ötlettel a sorozat, kár érte, hogy csak úgy lóg a levegőben. olyan, mintha egy más létező, kidolgozott világba próbálta volna meg beilleszteni, viszont így, hogy se előzmény, se kidolgozott világ, ront az élvezhetőségen a félinfók miattszont elsőrangú harci jelentek vannak benne.

    18. Doesn't really compare to the two before it. There's a palpable lack of tension throughout the book - the protagonists just slide towards the inevitable conclusion without any urgency.Disappointing.

    19. What started off as a fairly good series ended with a thud. There was not a single character I cared for, and the story fell flat. Caim forgot that he had feelings except for anger, Josey forgot that she loved Caim even though she was pretty adamant about it at the start, and Kit just became someone completely different. I wouldn't recommend this series.

    20. Cor, Blimey! That was so much more than I expected. The first book in the series felt fun but shallow, but in these next two books he has set to work and dug us a tale of such depth that I can only applaud, and with such scope that epic seems about the only word that could possible describe it. In fact, he should probably be lauded even more for making something great out of something that was rather not great. A fantastic Five Stars.Plot: Four and a half StarsGoing into this book I was worried, [...]

    21. Chronique tirée de mon blog : Caim continue son chemin vers le nord, un pays sans pitié, sans lumière.Dans ce tome on s'éloigne des débuts de la série et du coté assassin et intrigue de cour, on est plongé dans la toundra et les barbares, bon certes les talents de Caim vont lui être sacrement utile mais plus du tout dans le même sens qu'avant. Plus ils avancent plus les pertes parmi ses amis sont importantes, et plus on se demande si finalement ils vont survivre suffisamment longtemps [...]

    22. Originally posted at: leocristea.wordpress/2012/I couldn’t wait for the UK copy of this, so, I purchased the US edition instead. As I’m an avid cover-collector, I intend to complete my hardback collection and purchase the UK hardback when it releases, as well.As the final book in the Shadow Saga, Jon Sprunk had to pull out something pretty special to top the first two books. In the end, he did not disappoint. In fact, Shadow’s Master is possibly the best book of the trilogy, with the first [...]

    23. 'Shadow's Master' is one hell of an ending to this fantastic trilogy. I absolutely loved every page of this book and as a whole the Shadow Saga has deserved a spot on my top shelf.Why was this such a great ending, you ask? Because I didn't expect any of what happened. Jon Sprunk managed to surprise me time and time again. Even the very last pages were something I wouldn't have expected, let's say, at the end of the second book. Some people might not like some of the choices the author made, but [...]

    24. The good news is that except for the character growth of Caim, if a reader happens upon SHADOW'S MASTER before the first two novels (SHADOW'S SON and SHADOW'S LURE) they won't be lost. More so than the first book into the second, Sprunk gives a better accounting of things so that a new reader stumbling in won't be scratching their head and grow frustrated.The other piece of good news is that this book pays off for readers of the previous two volumes. Caim's heritage, the nature of his otherworld [...]

    25. So this was a nice conclusion to the series. It moved along rather quickly when we were with Caim, and as expected, rather slowly when we were with Josey. Honestly, after reading the first book, I think I set in my mind that this was a story about Caim. By no fault of the author, it put me off from Josey’s story. It never felt really connected. Sure the characters had their past and some tiny things that meshed up along the way, but it never felt like they were entwined with each other. That s [...]

    26. I consistently read one or more books at a time, few catch my interest and I finish as I cant wait to find out whats next.This series started out with Caim an assassin with some special ability's he does not fully understand (i like this) and a "special" friend, a female who is intangible to Caim and the world but can help him on his quest (only he can see and talk with her)Along with the murder (assassination's) and a look into characters life there is introduction to some characters that are w [...]

    27. I can honestly say that this book did not end the way I thought it would and I applaud the Jon Sprunk for expanding the series into something larger and bigger than the simple story that seemed to develop in the first book of the series.Caim is still looking for answers to his past and while he remains the same man, he is also changed forever by his experiences in book #2. Josey is also a different woman as she takes on the full mantle as Empress of Nimea. Caim, Kit and Josey all face the challe [...]

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